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What kind of pants do you wear when you use a chainsaw? At forestry sites in Japan, I think there are many people who work while wearing ordinary work trousers. There must be many people who hit the blade of the chainsaw against their pants while working and got scared. Also, with the recent boom in wood-burning stoves, more and more people are using chainsaws, even if they are not professional loggers.

Chainsaw pants are a must-have for such people. Not only is it functional and safe, but it also looks cool, especially for chainsaw work. In this article, we will introduce such chainsaw pants.

What are chainsaw pants?

Chainsaw pants protect the lower body from unexpected injuries when working with a chainsaw. Watch the video below to see how it works. *Please do not imitate it as it is not possible to completely protect all injuries.

If the chainsaw blade even slightly touches the chainsaw pants, the long special fibers will instantly entangle the blade and forcefully stop the high speed rotation. Ordinary work trousers can't do that, and depending on the angle and momentum of the blade, you'll be blown away in an instant.

Chainsaw work, especially on unstable scaffolding, can lead to serious injuries. If you get too excited and cut an artery in your leg, you will bleed a lot. In most cases, it is far from the site to the hospital, so if you do not do well, you will lose your life.

The price is still higher than normal work pants. The work pants you often see on site are sold at a nearby work clothes store for around 2000 to 3000 yen, but chainsaw pants usually cost around 20000 to 30000 yen. It's a consumable item, but it's a cost for safety, or if you make a mistake, you'll be seriously injured, but choose a cheap one...

Incidentally, more than 2,000 accidents involving chainsaws are reported annually in Japan. Most of the injuries are concentrated in the hands and feet. Personally, I don't think the cost of tens of thousands of yen is high if you can prevent a catastrophe.

popular chainsaw pants

Now that we have explained the necessity of chainsaw pants, here are some popular chainsaw pants manufacturers.


Montbell is a Japanese brand that is famous for its outdoor products. Montbell has developed protective pants for forestry based on the know-how cultivated in the development of mountaineering wear. First of all, please watch the chainsaw protection test video.

The model name is "Ballistic Ultra Logger Pants". I've always used Montbell's camping goods, but I never thought that the outdoor brand Montbell would come out with chain saw pants for the forestry industry.

Although it is an outdoor brand, it has acquired Class 1 of the European standard EN 381-5 and satisfies the safety standards for protective clothing for chainsaws. Class 1 is a standard that passes if the blade does not penetrate the lining when the cutter rotates at a speed of 20m/sec.

The outer material is made of high-strength "Ballistic Ultra" nylon. Ballistic Nylon is a fiber that is said to be several times stronger than normal nylon developed by DuPont in the United States for military use, but "Ballistic Ultra" was originally developed by Montbell. , achieving about 3.6 times the tear strength of general nylon materials. From the point of view that the materials and materials are independently developed, you can see how serious Montbell is about forestry wear.

The pattern is designed based on mountaineering pants that match the physique of Japanese people, so there is little feeling of dowels that are common in overseas products. In addition, since the knees are draped, it is easy to move and work while squatting.

It is also worth checking that the price is relatively affordable at ¥19,800 (excluding tax). If you are considering purchasing one, you should also check this instruction manual . The weight of the pants is about 1.2kg.

When choosing chainsaw pants, as a general rule, I think it's better to be strict about choosing the size. In the case of Montbell, if you choose the size of the pants you normally wear, it may be a little larger.

If you can try it on, please do so. If you would like to purchase Ballistic Ultra Logger Pants without trying them on, please refer to this size chart . >> Click here for the official page.


Husqvarna is familiar to those who use chainsaws on a regular basis. A chainsaw manufacturer headquartered in Sweden, Northern Europe. The Husqvarna protective clothing series has undergone a full model change this year, and the lineup has been expanded.

First of all, please watch the promotional video for the entire protective clothing series. It has a great atmosphere.

There are several models in Husqvarna's chain saw pants lineup, but among them, the "Protective Trousers F-II" is the same price as Montbell's logger pants introduced earlier (¥19,800 (excluding tax)).

It has the same EN 381-5 Class 1 as Montbell, and has the same durability. Ventilation zippers on the back of the thighs provide good ventilation. It uses a material that stretches in 4 directions for an excellent fit, so it has good stretchability.

In addition, the knees are draped for comfortable movement. It is water repellent, windproof, and water resistant, and weighs about 1.3 kg.

By the way, the name of the Japanese corporation is Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd. After separating Komatsu Zenoah's agricultural and forestry equipment division and selling all shares to Husqvarna of Sweden, it merged with Husqvarna's Japanese subsidiary in December 2007. >> Click here for the official page.

Steel (STIHL)

Steel, a long-established chain saw from Germany. About 90 years after founder Andreas Stiel invented the world's first electric chainsaw in 1926, it is currently the world's No. 1 chainsaw brand in terms of sales volume.

Germany's safety and quality standards are said to be the most stringent in the world, but the chainsaw protective clothing developed in Germany is guaranteed to be reliable.

Now, of the steel chainsaw pants lineup, the one in the same price range as the other models introduced in this article is the "Function Ergo". The price is ¥17,800 (excluding tax), which is slightly cheaper than other brands.

It has acquired Class 1 of EN 381-5 and has the same durability. Weight is about 1.4kg. The silhouette is a little tighter than others, but the material is stretchy so you can move freely. Although it is a low-priced version in the lineup, it is a very well-balanced product. >> Click here for the official page.


When choosing chainsaw pants, I think it will be easier to choose if you clarify the situation in which you will actually use them, such as whether you value ease of movement or sturdiness in addition to price.

In addition to the brands introduced above, various manufacturers such as Pfanner , Oregon , and Stein have released lineups. There are many flashy colors to improve visibility, but personally, I would be happy if there were more subdued color lineups that do not show dirt. I would appreciate it if you could help me find the chainsaw pants I want.
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