Inexpensive to install and easy to relocate. Introduction of sensor type vehicle disinfection device "m gate 1000s"

安価に導入、移設も楽々。センサー式車両消毒装置「m gate 1000s」のご紹介

For livestock farmers, the occurrence of livestock infectious diseases is one of the things they want to avoid the most. Once it occurs, not only will farming be greatly damaged, but it will also cause mentally and economically difficult work such as slaughter and measures to prevent the spread.

In recent years, outbreaks of swine fever (CSF), foot-and-mouth disease, and highly pathogenic influenza have led to the slaughter of many livestock, leaving huge scars on the victims and affecting the surrounding livestock farms. It's still fresh in my memory.

In light of these circumstances, we would like to take thorough preventive measures on a regular basis, but the basic point is not to bring in or take out infectious diseases. Therefore, disinfection of vehicles entering and leaving the farm is a very important point, but the larger the scale, the higher the cost of introduction.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the “Mgate1000S”, an automatic vehicle disinfection device that can be introduced at a low cost and is extremely convenient.

When the sensor detects the vehicle, it automatically spouts disinfectant

When the vehicle stops in front of the gate, the sensor senses it, and the disinfectant solution is automatically sprayed from a total of 10 nozzles, 3 on the left and right and 4 on the bottom.

In the case of a non-sensor type (also known as a moving spray type), the driver of the vehicle must get off and work, so the burden on the driver is high, and the disinfection work varies from driver to driver, resulting in uneven disinfection. will also occur.

Compared to the dynamic spray type, the sensor type can greatly reduce the workload and evenly spray the disinfectant, so it is especially useful in places where many vehicles come and go.

In addition, the Mgate1000S is supervised by a specialized organization for epidemic prevention (Miyazaki University Industrial Animal Health Laboratory, Kitakyushu Animal Quarantine Station, Shinmoji Quarantine Station, etc.) at the development stage, and is designed to effectively disinfect vehicles. is applied.

The height of the pole where the left and right nozzles are installed is 3.9m, and it can be used to disinfect light to large vehicles.

Incredibly low installation cost

In the case of a general vehicle disinfection device, the device itself is large and in some cases construction is required, so the introduction price reaches several million yen to 10 million yen. Therefore, even if the subsidy covers half of the cost, it will put a lot of pressure on farming.

On the other hand, this product has an effective disinfection function by thoroughly streamlining the parts and processes, and the introduction cost can be kept to less than one million yen.

The reason why we are so particular about cost is the foot-and-mouth disease that occurred in Miyazaki Prefecture in 2010. This product is manufactured at a factory in Miyazaki Prefecture, but as a result of the spread of foot-and-mouth disease at the time, many livestock farming sites said, "I want to install a disinfection gate, but I can't raise the cost, so I have no choice but to go out of business." Many were sent to the factory.

In response to this request, we started development from the viewpoint that "it is important to be able to introduce it at low cost and to be able to respond quickly in an emergency in order to prevent the spread of farming while sustaining farming".

There is a history that led to the completion of the product while seeking the cooperation of various research institutes. Even after the end of foot-and-mouth disease, minor changes were made repeatedly to improve convenience and to perform effective disinfection, leading to the current specifications.

lightweight and compact

Permanent vehicle disinfection equipment requires large-scale construction to install, and cannot be moved, so it is not possible to change the disinfection point.

On the other hand, a relocable type like this product can be flexibly handled, for example, when the intrusion route of the vehicle is changed.

In addition, even in the case of the removable type, the general removable type requires large-scale equipment for dismantling work and moving the component parts, so relocation costs money and delays in responding to emergency relocation. comes out.

This product has a compact specification that can be loaded on a light truck, so it can be used immediately even when speedy response is required at the epidemic prevention site.

We have a track record of introduction not only to farmers but also to transportation companies

On farms with strong preventative measures in place, we also look out for non-personnel vehicles entering and exiting the farm. In the case of a transportation company that transports livestock feed and materials, thorough disinfection of its own vehicles can gain the trust and security of the farm personnel who enter and exit.

Some transport companies that frequently visit livestock farms have already disinfected their vehicles, but there are also many cases where they are disinfected by moving sprays.

Manual vehicle disinfection after work is a difficult task, especially for drivers who travel long distances and return to work at night.


The outbreak of livestock infectious diseases such as African swine fever has been continuously confirmed not only in Japan but also in neighboring countries, and it can be said that the risk of invasion and outbreak of livestock infectious diseases is high.

In particular, the coming season is a time when the risk of outbreaks of highly pathogenic influenza increases. I would definitely recommend this product to farmers who have given up on introducing it, because I know the earnest voices and realities of those affected by foot-and-mouth disease.

★Automatic vehicle disinfection device "Mgate1000S" product details

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