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Anti-epidemic disinfection gate for livestock epidemics Mgate200S / 1000S

Anti-epidemic disinfection gate for livestock epidemics Mgate200S / 1000S

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A vehicle disinfection device (vehicle disinfection gate) that is very active in preventing epidemics such as bird flu, swine fever (swine fever), and foot-and-mouth disease . Developed under the supervision of an epidemic prevention agency. No installation work is required, and the sensor automatically sprays. Spray amount adjustment, spray time setting, and sensor adjustment are also very easy . Please feel free to contact us for a subsidy application and an estimate according to the installation environment.

Automatic vehicle disinfection gate with outstanding convenience

Reliable effect by the supervision of a specialized institution

From the development stage, it is supervised by a specialized organization for disease control (Miyazaki University Industrial Animal Health Laboratory, Kitakyushu City Animal Quarantine Station, Shinmoji Quarantine Site, etc.). It is devised so that reliable vehicle disinfection can be performed. Side: 3 locations on the left and right / Bottom surface: 4 locations A total of 10 nozzles spray about 50 liters of chemical per minute .

When the sensor detects the vehicle, it automatically starts spraying the drug, and automatically stops when the vehicle leaves. The poles of 3.9m on the left and right are compatible with large bulk vehicles, and of course the driver does not need to get off.
*Press the play button on the image above to see the actual operation.

Great for emergency installation and relocation

Light truck loading is possible

Epidemic prevention often requires quick response and mobility. This product has a compact and lightweight design that has been devised so that it can be transported by light trucks, and is easy to install.

Since it can be installed and relocated in a short time, speedy response is possible even in an emergency . For example, even if the traffic route of a vehicle in a livestock barn is changed, it can be handled flexibly without large-scale construction or work. After the initial setting, it can be operated by simply turning on/off the switch on the control board, so it can be operated immediately after installation.

Significantly reduce introduction costs

Products eligible for subsidies

It is said that a typical vehicle disinfection gate costs several million to 10 million yen, but this product achieves a low price that is easy to introduce by thoroughly streamlining the materials and processes.

In the unlikely event that replacement or repair is required due to damage to parts, most of the replacement parts are designed according to standards that can be purchased at the nearest home center, etc., minimizing repair time and costs. .
* We can also prepare estimates for subsidy applications. For subsidy procedures, etc., please contact the department in charge of each local government.

Also active as a livestock transport vehicle gate at the 12th National Wagyu Ability Exhibition

The Mgate1000S was used at the main venue gate of the 12th National Wagyu Talent Exhibition, which is also called the Wagyu Olympics and was attended by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

It is a competition that gathers excellent wagyu beef from all over the country and competes for the results of improvement and its excellence.As a measure to prevent diseases from being brought into the venue by disinfecting the vehicle that transports the precious cattle to be evaluated. , played a role.

As you can see in the video, the transport vehicle driver does not need to get off each time and does not need to be manually disinfected. No stress is given to livestock being transported.

About vehicle traffic

①How to enter the vehicle

Suitable for light vehicles to large vehicles. When entering the gate, stop 1 meter before the gate as shown in the diagram. When the sensor detects the vehicle, each nozzle starts spraying disinfectant.

There are 3 nozzles on each side and 4 on the bottom. After confirming that the disinfectant has been sprayed from all nozzles, slowly move forward so as not to step on the nozzles or one-touch joints (hose joints).

② Effective preventive disinfection

Considering the road conditions and vehicle flow around the installation area, install the vehicle disinfection gate in a suitable position so that the entering and exiting vehicles can be effectively disinfected.

In order to effectively prevent the introduction of livestock infectious diseases on a daily basis, it is important to call for the enforcement of disinfection of people and things entering and leaving, and to use highly versatile disinfectants that are effective against pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Make sure that the disinfectants you use on a daily basis are effective against the viruses you want to prevent.

Store the disinfectant according to the method described in the package insert, etc., and dilute and prepare it each time you use it.

★To reduce the damage caused by infectious diseases to livestock as much as possible, please refer to this.

top view

Various functions that reflect the voice of the field

Adjustable spray time from 0 to 120 seconds

Spray adjustment

The spraying time of the disinfectant solution can be adjusted from 0 to 120 seconds with a timer (generally around 30 seconds is a guideline). Spraying time can be adjusted according to the size of vehicles passing through the gate. You can also adjust the intensity of the sprayed water.

Adjustable sensor detection range

vehicle detection sensor

The vehicle detection sensor for automatic spraying can adjust the detection area and detection direction. The setting can be changed by a switch and can be adjusted according to the installation environment (adjustment range: 180° detection distance: 0.5 to 6m).

Equipped with tank liquid shortage sensor

Out of liquid sensor

When the chemical in the tank runs out, the liquid sensor will operate and the operation will automatically stop. When the chemical solution is replenished, the operation resumes and wasteful power consumption can be suppressed.

Furthermore, the M gate has become easier to use.

Changed the shape of the tank support.

◎ We have received feedback that the conventional product had a post in the dashed line in the photo, and that the post interfered when pouring the chemical solution, making it difficult to work.

This time, we have revised the design of the strut and made improvements to make it easier to replace chemicals by making the strut shape so that it does not get in the way during work. We are constantly improving this product based on user feedback.

◎ In addition to this product, we also handle products that are useful for disinfection around the farm, such as disinfection spray equipment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions such as "Is there such a product?"

◎ Please use this form for requests for estimates, requests for rentals and demos, and other inquiries.

Product specifications

ポンプ能力 550W(単相 100V)インバーター
ポンプ最大流量/最大揚程 5立方メートル/h(最大揚程47m)
タンク容量 M-gate 200S:200L、M-gate 1000S:1000L
ノズル噴量 (1個当たり) 5リットル/分(調整可)
ノズル数量 側面:左右3個/下面:4個分
ポール高さ 大型車両(バルク車等)対応のH3.9mポール(H2.5mタイプも可)
重量 (乾燥重量) 本体/80㎏、ポール/25㎏※片側
制御盤仕様 100V仕様(タイマー・液面リレー・マグネット)
寸法(長さ×幅×高さ)mm 1350×1000×1100(本体部)
対応車両数 約50台(噴霧30秒/台)
対応車両 軽車両~大型車両
交換用機器別(パーツ)販売価格 都度見積もり(※大半がホームセンターで購入可能)

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