Introducing an easy-to-install anti-animal fence! animal fence

野生害獣侵入防止・ドッグラン・ペット脱走防止・管理地侵入防止 アニマルフェンス

This time, we would like to introduce a recommended product for those who are looking for a cheap, durable, and easy-to-install fence (fence).

A convenient set that comes with 11 wire nets and dedicated posts for easy installation. Wire mesh is steel + PVC coated, wire diameter (Φmm) 2.1, mesh size 5 x 10 cm. The material of the strut is steel + paint coating. Multiple heights are available.

Recommended for such people!

・I want to prevent wild animals such as wild boars and deer from invading the fields.

・I set up a pet playground in the garden, but I want a fence to prevent escape.

・I want to make a place for a dog run, but I want a sturdy fence that can be easily installed

・I want to install a fence to prevent intrusion on the managed land (reduction of illegal dumping, etc.)

customer's voice

"I think it's very good because it comes with 11 pillars. 』

"It's light and easy to work with, and I'm glad I bought it. 』

“It is designed to prevent wild boars from entering. You can easily build a fence and there will be no damage after that. 』

"Pets get out of their collars and harnesses and escape to the neighborhood, so I bought this. It turned out to be quite a large space! It is spacious enough for my naughty dog. 』

"I bought this for my dog ​​to play in the garden. Easy to install by just pricking. I think even a woman can do it easily.』

Those who are concerned about invasion of wild animals

Wild animals are invading and destroying the fields, but I think many people are wondering where to start.

There are various types of countermeasures, but each has advantages and disadvantages. In order to fundamentally solve the damage, it is necessary to capture the individual concerned, but a hunting license etc. is required for capture. Therefore, for those who do not have a license, capturing is a hurdle.

Electric fences are effective, but the structure itself is not sturdy, so they are physically weak and there are concerns about installation costs and accidents. In addition, it is physically weak because it uses the fear of beasts from electric shocks to evade it.

Among the many countermeasures, physical protective fences offer the best balance of labor, cost, and effectiveness. If you install it properly, you can be sure of its effectiveness.

The fence introduced above has a track record of use in various anti-animal situations. The most common feedback from users is that it is easy to install and easy to work with. If you raise it a little and put a net on the ceiling, even birds can't enter.

In the case of a strong beast, it is also possible to add reinforcement with a separate horizontal pipe.

*When planning the installation and maintenance of protective fences, the type of protective fence materials, installation style, It is important to plan the installation route in advance, and to make a maintenance management plan according to the type of fence to be installed and the installation route.

If you are looking for a fence to prevent your pet from escaping or for a dog run

A common situation is that you want to set up a playground for your dog in your garden. If possible, I want you to play freely in the garden without being chained.

For that reason, you need a fence that can be easily installed and firmly prevents escape. * It is prohibited by law to release a dog without a leash in a place that is not properly fenced.

In the case of puppies and small dogs, if there is a fence of about 1 meter, they will not go out of the dog run space. However, as they grow and become larger, they may become able to jump over fences. If your dog is active, it may climb up, so you need a fence or fence with sufficient height and strength.

First, make a plan of what kind of fence you want to build in which space. It is a good idea to decide on the overall image, how much budget you can prepare, and simulate how your dog will spend time there.

Installation tips

◎Choose a place where there are no stones in the ground and you can drive deeply into it, and install a fence (you can say this about any fence, but if there are many stones, it may be difficult to install).

◎ It is easier to install if you use a tool to lightly open the part where the wire mesh is hooked to the post before installation.

◎ Consider the jumping power of the target animal. Also, in the case of wild animals, they may try to crawl in from below, so bury the posts firmly.

◎ If the ground is hard, dig lightly with a pickaxe or the like before driving in the posts to make the work easier.

◎It can be done by one person, but if possible, it will be much easier to work with more than one person, and the work will be neat.

◎Hang the fence from the hook on the upper side, and hang it after slightly bending the wire for the two lower hooks.

◎ After hooking the entire fence, fix it so that it does not come off.

◎ After installation, if you have any concerns, please reinforce as appropriate.

We also offer cheap anti-animal fences.

As a more inexpensive type, we also offer a product that connects the support and the net with a wire. A hole is drilled in the post, and it is connected to the fence through the attached numbered wire. The wire can be easily bent by hand, so you can connect the fence and the posts with your favorite knot. It is OK to purchase a separate fence wire for reinforcement at a home center, etc., and insert it through the hole in the support post to reinforce it.


This anti-animal fence is easy to install and has excellent cost performance. It corresponds to various situations depending on the ingenuity.

There are various types of fences on the market, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

It does not look bad, and we have received feedback that it is excellent, so it is a product that can be recommended as a versatile fence.

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