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Do you know a machine called "winch"? A winch is a device that can be used to pull or lift heavy objects while winding wires or ropes. It is also used for lifting and lowering heavy objects at factories, construction sites, forestry sites, etc., towing cars, and for transporting prey at hunting sites.

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It is quite difficult to retrieve large items without a winch.

Wild boars and deer weigh over 50kg when they are medium-sized. Larger fish can weigh over 100kg. Bears often weigh more than 100 kg. It's fine to kill such prey with difficulty, but it's quite difficult to carry it to the car and carry it to the loading platform, even if it takes several people.

If you are carrying heavy equipment on a paved road, it is easy to apply force, but unlike the equipment, the body of the beast moves with a twist, so it is quite a hard work on the mountain road with bad footing.

It would be nice to be able to carry it by hand while appreciating the blessings of the mountains, but unlike when you were young, your body won't listen to what you say, and there will be times when you can't do anything with just human power. A winch comes into play at such times.

Type of winch

There are "rotary winches" that wind and unwind the rope by turning the handle, and "ratchet winches" that wind and unwind the rope by reciprocating the handle.

The rotary type is often used for horizontal pulling of loads, but the ratchet type is mainly used for lifting and suspending.

There are two types of power: manual and electric. In the case of electric, the rope is wound and unwound by a motor drive.

The electric type plays an active part in various scenes. For example, in the case of descent hunting, which involves exploring a wide area by car, the distance from the vehicle to the prey is often short, but if you tie a rope to the prey and start winding the winch, it will be relatively easy to move the vehicle's cargo bed. can be lifted to

Winches used at hunting sites

From here, we will introduce the manufacturers and models of winches that are used at hunting sites.

From Australia. T-MAX

There are many winch manufacturers in Australia, but T-MAX's winch has a good reputation for its price. In addition to collecting prey, it is also useful when you get off the wheel on a rough road to a hunting ground or get stuck in a swamp.

There are various lineups such as the ATW PRO series, which is a compact and lightweight model, and the EW series, which has more traction. Some models have a remote control, so you can wrap the winch wire around a sturdy piece of wood, and then simply press the remote control to start pulling.

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From America. WARN

Founded in 1944, it is a historical manufacturer that has released various winches so far that WARN is often said to be the winch. Compared to the T-MAX, it is reasonably priced, but it has a reputation for quality and customizability, and is supported by many off-road enthusiasts in Japan.

By the way, 12V and 24V are the mainstream for electric type motors, not just WARN winches. Although there are differences depending on the model, the maximum pulling force with a 12V motor is a little less than 1 ton, and the maximum pulling force with a 24V motor is around 4 tons.

In addition, by using accessories such as snatch blocks (pulleys), auxiliary ropes, and tree protectors, you can expand the range of situations that can be dealt with. If it is a winch made by WARN, which is widely available, there are many accessories that are compatible with it, so that point is also attractive.

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Portable winch Honda Walk

In stealth hunting, it takes a lot of effort to carry out the prey you catch because you have to walk deep into the mountains. Honda Walk has released products that are useful in such cases. Its name is "Portable Winch PCW-3000", a rope winch powered by the world's HONDA 4-cycle gasoline engine.

The main feature of this winch is that it has a maximum pulling load of 700kg despite its light weight of 9.5kg and portability. Depending on your ideas, it can be used in a variety of situations, such as transporting lumber, towing a stuck vehicle, rescue, and transporting large objects killed by hunting.

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If you want to make a full-fledged off-road vehicle, you definitely want to have a winch. It can be used not only for collecting prey in hunting, but also for helping fellow vehicles. Imagining various situations is exciting.

*When operating a winch (hoisting machine) at a work site in Japan, it is necessary to be qualified as a hoisting machine operator. It can be acquired in a course of about 10 hours.

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