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TREL 4G-R Japanese Model 4G Network Camera (Automatic Shooting Sensor Camera)

TREL 4G-R Japanese Model 4G Network Camera (Automatic Shooting Sensor Camera)

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2000万画素で4G回線を使用し、画像、動画をメールで送信できるトレイルカメラです。設定にPCが不要で3,600画素で撮影可能な『TREL(トレル) 4G-H』もお勧めです。

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A trail camera (sometimes called an automatic camera, sensor camera, or wildlife camera) is an automatic camera that captures wildlife. It is designed to be unattended and installed outdoors, and it is used by fixing it to a tree etc. with the attached strap.

It detects infrared rays emitted from moving objects with heat and starts shooting. It is installed in animal trails and feeding grounds, and automatically takes pictures of animals passing there. Since the date, time zone, temperature, etc. are recorded on the image data at the same time, it is often used for hunting and ecological observation.

TREL 4G-R can send images and videos by e-mail using 4G communication. So you can check the status from a remote location. Of course, it can also be used as a non-communication automatic shooting camera. A protective cap for the antenna for storage is included.
* A smartphone or PC is required to check the video.
*Be sure to attach the antenna when using. The antenna protection cap is not waterproof.

For those who do not have a PC or want to take higher quality pictures, we recommend the TREL 4G-H , which does not require a PC for setup and can shoot at 3,600 pixels.


A separate SIM card is required!

A SIM card is a small IC card that records subscriber information and enables communication by inserting it into a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to make phone calls as well as data communication (Internet and email).
Compatible with major 3 carriers docomo, KDDI, and Softbank . For details, see the list of SIM cards whose operation has been confirmed.

We do not accept SIM card contracts. Contracts can be made at each mobile phone shop or home appliance mass retailer, so please contact the shop near you.

* SIM cards that have not been confirmed to work are not covered by the operation guarantee.
*If you want to use your mobile phone number to operate the camera, please prepare a SIM card with SMS function.
* Domestic radio law certified

SIM card

Product features


with GPS function

It has a function to send an email with the longitude and latitude where the camera is installed. If you change the installation location of the camera, you can determine by email where the image was taken. In addition, it is equipped with an SMS remote control function, so you can shoot and change settings remotely from your home or office.

No power supply required

Operates on batteries

The battery for 4G-R is 8 or 4 AA batteries. Batteries are inexpensive and readily available, making it easy to replace batteries. Since it does not require an external power supply, it can be installed in places where an outdoor power supply cannot be secured. In addition, it is easy to install and remove, making it easy to inspect and change the installation location.

Dustproof and waterproof performance

Dustproof and waterproof standard IP66

Outdoor fixed cameras are exposed to rain and wind, so dustproof and waterproof performance is important. The IP66 waterproof rating prevents dust from entering and also prevents water from entering the interior against jets from all directions. There is no need to worry about flooding even in heavy rain such as typhoons.
*It is not completely waterproof, so it is recommended to use it with a rain roof or security box (sold separately) for security purposes.

image taken

Photographed image 1
Photographed image 2
Photographed image 3

Product features

◯ It is a trail camera that can shoot still images and videos with a maximum of 20 million pixels. You can shoot in high quality. The captured video can be checked remotely using a smartphone or PC through a 4G line.

◯ Captured image/video data is saved on an SD card (sold separately) .

◯ You can shoot videos with sound. Infrared night photography is no glow (invisible light), and the irradiation distance is 20m.

◯ Japanese menu is available.

◯ Since images can be monitored in real time by supporting TRELink, you can easily collect the data necessary for reducing patrols of traps and dealing with animal damage.

Other specifications and installed functions

Schedule function Since you can specify the time to operate the camera, battery consumption can be suppressed. Only one schedule can be set.

Time-lapse is a shooting method that stitches together continuous shots to create a video. You can quickly shorten and rotate to observe how it changes over a long period of time.

Images and videos taken by multiple people can be sent to up to 4 email addresses. It is convenient for management by multiple people such as hunting clubs.

You can set the transmission settings for images and videos with "Every time you shoot/At a fixed time/Every time you shoot + at a fixed time/Off". When set to off, it can be used like a non-communication camera.

Trail camera useful knowledge

What is trigger speed?
This is the time from when the sensor detects the subject to when the shutter is released. If the trigger speed is slow, you may not be able to capture fast-moving animals.
What is no glow?
Infrared photography is invisible to the human eye. Suitable for monitoring wary animals. When shooting at night, it becomes black and white.
What is time-lapse photography?
This is a method for displaying a movie by connecting still images shot continuously at regular intervals. Changes over a long period of time can be reduced and observed in a short period of time.
What is video recording time?
This refers to the length of time that continuous shooting is possible for each shot. Movie shooting: In the case of 5 to 180 seconds, it means that continuous shooting of up to 180 seconds is possible.
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Product specifications

トリガースピード 0.6秒
画素数 2,000 / 1,600 / 1,200 / 800 / 500 / 300万画素
動画解像度 1,920×1,080/ 1,280×720 / 800×480
画角 58°
バッテリー 単3電池12本(推奨)
サイズ(幅×高×奥/cm) 約14×9×5cm
重さ 474g(バッテリー除く)
画面サイズ 2.0インチHD
SDカード 最大32GB
動画撮影時間 5~60秒
録音機能 あり
連続撮影 1~10枚
動作/保管温度 -20~+60℃ / -30~+70℃
動作湿度 5%~90%
画像送信方式 メール
遠隔設定機能 あり(SMS)
対応キャリア docomo、KDDI、SoftBank
専用アプリ あり(iOS、Android対応)
カメラネジ カメラ背面
表示言語 日本語
防水・防塵設計 IP66
標準構成品 TREL 4G-R 本体、TREL 4G-R用アンテナ、ベルト、ユーザーマニュアル、クイックスタートガイド


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