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REPSGEAR folding scoop with compass and nylon sheath

REPSGEAR folding scoop with compass and nylon sheath

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A shovel (shovel) is one of the necessities for box traps and tie traps. It is an indispensable item not only for digging holes for setting traps, but also for spreading bait for box traps and leveling the ground when setting box traps. It is also useful for burying residues (internal organs after dismantling in the mountains).

It is recommended for those who are looking for a scoop that is easy to carry because it can be folded very compactly.
*This product is not sharpened.

We also have SCRADE folding shovels with adjustable handles and CONDOR shovels that can be used as hoes.

Multifunctional small scoop


Small and convenient to carry

The total length of the shovel is about 40 cm, but when folded it is about 17 cm, which is palm-sized. It weighs about 350g and is lightweight, so it is convenient to carry.


Active in the outdoors

It comes with a compass, so it is indispensable for walking on mountain trails. Equipped with a saw and a bottle opener, it is ideal for outdoor use.

omission prevention

Can be used as a pickaxe

It can also be used as a pickaxe to crush hard ground. It can be stored in the included nylon sheath and attached to a belt.

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Product specifications

組み立て時全長 約41.4cm
折りたたみ時全長 約16.8cm
シャベルサイズ(縦×横) 約12.8×10cm
付属品つるはしサイズ(縦×横) 約10.5×2.2cm
重量 約350g
機能 折りたたみ式シャベル、つるはし、ノコギリ、栓抜き、コンパス
付属品 ナイロンシース

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