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Easy countermeasures just by sprinkling! red guard

Easy countermeasures just by sprinkling! red guard

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For cats in gardens and planters. For measures against moles and rats that destroy the house. All raw materials are derived from plants, so they are friendly to humans and the environment and are non-toxic. Uses chili pepper extract "capsaicin" to shut out animals!

Redguard characteristics

intensely stimulating

Strong stimulation!

Highly concentrated capsaicin stimulates the animal's sense of taste and smell. "Pungency" is as hard to get used to as pain, so it shuts out persistent animals. It has fast-acting and slow-acting effects.

soil improvement

You can also improve the soil!

High-quality natural zeolite with excellent fertilizer retention, water permeability, and air permeability is used, and it is also effective as a soil improver. Since it returns to the soil, it is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

derived from plants

Plant-based and eco-friendly!

The raw materials used are the pungent component “capsaicin” and “biomass-derived resin” contained in chili peppers. Since it is a granule type, it can be sprayed anywhere.

Handling Precautions

○ Spray an appropriate amount on places where there are animal footprints or where there is damage.
As a guideline, spread 40-50g (2-3 handfuls) per square meter evenly.

○ For moles, dig several holes along the mole's path and put 40-50g (2-3 grips) into the holes.
Cover with soil and tread hard to complete spraying.

how to use

Product specifications

容量 1L、5kg
内容物 木酢液、にんにく、唐辛子等

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