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Kemonomichi Spring 2021 Hunter's spring

Kemonomichi Spring 2021 Hunter's spring

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A complete hunting magazine for hunters, by hunters that paves the way for hunting .
While the social significance of hunting is attracting attention, we will introduce the romance and real pleasure of hunting head-on, focusing on big game hunting. Covers a wide range of information related to hunting, such as actual hunting, hunting dogs, and hunting goods. In addition, we also post topical topics such as gibier cuisine and animal damage countermeasures.

All the editors and contributors of Kemonomichi love hunting and live by hunting. We are making articles by thoroughly interviewing, verifying, and investigating only the information that hunters "really want to know" and "useful". I try to deliver maniac and practical content to readers in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Contents of this magazine

"Kai Dog" Special Feature
・Hunting a wild boar with a Kai dog
・Japanese dog called Kai
・Hope for the return of Kai dog, who can be called the best

○Daisuke Kobori
○ Hunting boletus with a Labrador Retriever
○Hayato Satsuma boar hunter
○ Amami Mongoose Busters
○ Romance of Own Box Trap Hunting
○ Rifle & Slug Shooting Competition
○ Bird hunting in the air
○SLIDE ACTION SHOTGUS! ○ Bear meat is delicious
○ A hunter who can really eat
○ Chase the swimming boar!
○ Hiace Hunting Custom
○ Even the Asian black bear was surprised! dinosaur robot
○ Beast Industry Topics

table of contents

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Product specifications

ページ 112ページ
発売日 2021/4/22
出版社 三才ブックス
言語 日本語
寸法 18.2 x 1.1 x 25.7 cm
ISBN-10 4866732504
ISBN-13 978-4866732503

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