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Suiko SLT Tank 500 Super Lorry

Suiko SLT Tank 500 Super Lorry

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For watering and pest control in agricultural work, etc.
●For work water in construction
●For emergency water storage (thick product)

Please check before ordering

〇This product will be shipped to corporate customers and cannot be delivered to private homes (shipped directly from the manufacturer).

〇 You need a signboard or nameplate that can confirm that you have a store or office and that you are a corporation. Please be aware that even if you provide us with your corporate name, business name, etc., if the delivery location uses a room in a general house or condominium as an office, it will be treated as a private residence.

〇 If the driver determines that it is difficult for the delivery truck to reach the delivery destination due to narrow roads, etc., the delivery may be stopped at the delivery company's office or delivered by charter flight (additional shipping fee required). , Please note.

Product specifications

容量(L) 500L
サイズ W880×D1070×H800mm
マンホール内径 380mm
肉厚 5.0mm
重量 20.4kg

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