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Koshin Inverter Generator GV-29i

Koshin Inverter Generator GV-29i

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From disaster preparedness and outdoor activities to professional use!
It is an inverter generator that can be used widely.
Easy to move! Lightest in class & with carry
1.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism designated as "ultra-low noise construction machine"
2. Stable, high-quality power output that can also be used for precision machinery such as personal computers
3. The starting procedure is displayed with a number sticker, so even beginners can start easily.

●Low Noise & Low Vibration Super Low Noise Design Acquired the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Super Low Noise Construction Machinery" designation!
It was certified as an excellent generator considering the surrounding environment.
Quiet operation and easy to use.

●Super lightweight!
Lightest weight in the same class*2
A surprising 38kg!
*2: Compared to the same class, as of 2015

●One-piece carrying handle Easy to move by yourself with a handle and a carrying handle *Cannot be used outdoors.

●Computer use OK
The high-quality power supply can be used safely even with precision equipment.
It can be used in the same way as a household outlet.

●You can also use a cigar socket You can use devices with a cigar socket terminal that you use in your car.

●You can see the power being used!
With a power indicator, you can see the power usage guideline with the lamp.

*Electrical equipment that uses a motor, such as a submersible pump, requires a large amount of power (startup power) to start moving, so a generator with an output (VA) that is 3 to 5 times the power consumption (W) is required.
*Do not use in dusty areas.

Product specifications

定格周波数 50Hz/60Hz切り替え
交流 定格出力:2.9kVA 定格電圧:100V 定格電流:29A
直流 定格電圧:12V 定格電流:8A
燃料タンク容量 9.8L
使用燃料 自動車用無鉛ガソリン
連続運転可能時間 定格負荷〜1/4負荷 5.0h〜13.5h
エンジンオイル量 0.55L(エンジンオイルSE級以上 SAE 10W-30または10W-40)
始動方式 リコイルスターター方式
ACコンセント 合計29Aまで(ACコンセント:15A×2個、30A×1個)
DCコンセント 8Aまで(シガーソケット:1個)
本体寸法 475×590×525 mm
本体重量 44kg

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