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KOSHIN Standard Generator GV-2000

KOSHIN Standard Generator GV-2000

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Product information

Adoption of a special filter in the fuel tank
A special fuel filter is used to filter out moisture in the fuel tank, reducing corrosion of the carburetor and poor engine starting due to water.

● With rust adsorption function in the fuel tank
A powerful magnet is built into the fuel tank to prevent clogging of the fuel filter and carburetor.

●Operation procedure label included
Easy to operate even for beginners!
There is a display on the main unit that shows the operating procedure.

*Cannot be used indoors.
Exhaust gas from the muffler of the generator contains a lot of carbon monoxide, so it is very dangerous to use it indoors or outdoors in poorly ventilated areas as it may cause carbon monoxide poisoning.


Product specifications

定格周波数 50Hz
エンジン名称 工進K210
形式 空冷4サイクルガソリンエンジン
交流 定格出力 2.0kVA/定格電圧/電流 100V/20A
直流 定格電圧/電流/12V/8.3A
燃料タンク容量 12.6L
総排気量 212cc
使用燃料 自動車用無鉛ガソリン
連続運転可能時間 定格負荷~1/4負荷 8.4~17.7h
騒音値(定格負荷~1/4負荷) 69.1~66.5dB(A)(※7m,定格負荷~1/4負荷)
オイル量 0.5L(エンジンオイルSE級以上SAE10W-30または10W-40)
点火プラグ F6RTC(TORCH)
始動方式 リコイルスターター方式
ACコンセント 合計20Aまで(ACコンセント:2個)
DC端子 12V/8.3A
本体サイズ 615×445×457mm
本体重 42kg

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