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A-plus wood splitter LS.8

A-plus wood splitter LS.8

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An 8t log splitter that is perfect for home use and can split thick and hard logs.

Ultra-compact storage that can be stored in a space of 1 m2 or less when the cylinder is stored.

Operation is a safe design that pushes out the cylinder by moving the handle, so it is safe for first-time users.

Since it is an engine type, work is OK even in places where power is not available.

Posting on light trucks and vehicles is also OK.

wood splitter

Product specifications

サイズ 全長 収納時1,125mm/使用時1,545mm×全幅690mm×全高690mm
重量 75kg
エンジン TROY-BILT 141cc 4サイクル
破壊力 8t
薪長さ 480mm
油圧ポンプ 2-ステージ
バルブ レバー式オートリターンバルブ
作業方向 水平
サイクルタイム 24秒

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