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Arm Swager HSC-600BB

Arm Swager HSC-600BB

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This crimping machine is necessary for crimping clamps in the manufacturing process of tying traps. It is a dedicated tool that can both cut and crimp (swage) wire ropes.

This product is a desktop type, so you can crimp and cut with one hand. If you are looking for a handy type, please see this page .

Features and precautions for use

When crimping, be sure to use a clamp (sleeve) suitable for the wire diameter.

〇In addition to tying traps, it is also very useful for various work using wire ropes, such as preventing falling of signboards / vending machines, preventing ceiling lights from falling, etc.

Made in Japan with integrated in-house production from forging to processing to assembly.

○ Please check the video for how to use.

○Nominal size 600mm
Total length 454mm
Usable wire rope diameter
1 knife weight 5.2kg

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