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FRP Post Tiger with Insulator for Electric Fence

FRP Post Tiger with Insulator for Electric Fence

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*Caution: Supports, insulators, and hooks are not compatible with other manufacturers. Please purchase from the same manufacturer.

It has excellent elasticity and durability, and is completely made of resin that does not conduct electricity even if it comes into contact with the fence wire. Insulators and hooks for attaching nets, as well as impact-resistant polycarbonate for the tips and caps, provide strength and ease of use.

Product features

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Easy to install without the need to attach insulators. In addition, since the height of the insulator is constant, the fence wire can be installed at an appropriate height.

Combined use with net

Can be used with net

It is possible to install both the electric fence and the net by attaching hooks to the top and bottom of the inside of the post for installing the net.

Durability and resilience

High durability and elasticity

It does not break or bend even if it is hit by an animal's body, so the state of the fence line can be maintained.

Product specifications

直径 FRP93:16mm FRP125、185:20mm FRP250:31mm
地上高 FRP93:69cm FRP125:125cm FRP185:150cm FRP250:210mm
打ち込み深さ FRP93:24cm FRP125、185:35cm FRP250:40cm
ガイシ数 FRP93:6個 FRP125:8個 FRP185:12個 FRP250:13個
ガイシ間隔 10cm(FRP250のみ10〜20cm)
重さ(1本) FRP93:240g FRP125:450g FRP185:725g FRP250:1875g

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