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Anti-Beast Extermination Threat Machine Beast Yojimbo KMN-1

Anti-Beast Extermination Threat Machine Beast Yojimbo KMN-1

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For measures against deer, bears, and wild boars that appear at night. Combining the know-how and the latest technology in animal damage control, it is a powerful control machine that has never existed before. Automatically activated at night with a light sensor, it threatens and repels beasts with realistic sounds and intense LED light (24-hour operation is also possible). No complicated settings required! Since it is easy to install, it is effective even in fields where it is difficult to install an electric fence. Depending on the environment, it is effective within a radius of about 50m to 100m.

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Perfect for getting used to!

Target animals: wild boar (wild boar), deer (deer), bear (bear)

〇 25 types of realistic surround sounds are emitted at random intervals of 3 to 15 minutes.
- hound barking
- Gunshots & explosion sounds
- Human yelling
- Sounds of wild animals, screams of deer and wild boars, etc.
-The sound of hitting an iron plate or Itto can

〇 It emits 7 colors of LED light in 8 patterns (blue, red, yellow, green, purple, light blue, white, mix).

〇 Because it operates on electricity, it is cheaper than a gas explosion machine.

No complicated settings are required.

Easy to install as it can be mounted on a pole.

〇Voice up to 100dB. Volume can be adjusted freely.

〇 It senses when the beast approaches the sensor attached to the main unit and activates. The effective sensing distance is 10 meters and the angle is 100 degrees.

〇 Normally, it will activate for 30 seconds and activate for 20 seconds. At the time of sensor detection, it operates for 60 seconds of generation and 30 seconds of light emission.

〇 When it gets dark, automatic operation starts at intervals of 3 to 15 minutes (randomly).

beast bouncer


〇The installation pole is not included. Please prepare a stick etc. suitable for the installation location separately at a home center etc. The diameter of the prop that fits is 25mm to 30mm for the bomber body and 15mm to 20mm for the LED child device. Fix the post using the fixing bolts attached to the bomber body.

〇By installing it correctly according to the installation method, it is rainproof. However, in the event of a typhoon or heavy rain, please remove it or take separate rainproof measures.

〇The power supply is not included. Please purchase a 12V battery/battery box for automobiles at a home center.
*If it is a 12V car battery for light vehicles, it can be used for about 15 days in normal operation (automatic night driving) and about 8 days in 24-hour operation.

〇 When the battery runs out, the LED flashes to notify you.

〇Since it is a device that evades by sound, if there is a private house in the neighborhood, it will be subject to noise and complaints, so please be considerate. There is also a sound volume adjustment, but if the sound is too soft, the effect will be weak.

beast bouncer

Product specifications

重さ 本体:3kg / LED子機:350g
付属品 バッテリーコード 5m 子機接続コード 2.5m
サイズ 高さ290 × 幅460 × 奥行170 (mm) 子機:高さ170 × 幅180 × 125 (mm)

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