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Bird damage countermeasures, extermination threat machine/explosion machine, crow bodyguard KRS-100

Bird damage countermeasures, extermination threat machine/explosion machine, crow bodyguard KRS-100

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It is a repellent machine dedicated to crow control. 8 types of voices that crows dislike are played randomly with a sense of realism. The light sensor automatically stops at night, so you can easily hang it from a shelf or stand it on a pole, so it's easy to install.

*This product has a new model. Crow Bodyguard SS KRS-SS1>>

Only for crows. repel voice machine

Crows make alarming sounds.

〇 8 types of realistic sounds, such as the voice of a hawk, the natural enemy of crows, the voice of a crow eaten by a hawk, and the voice of a vigilant voice, threaten and repel 50 patterns of stories.

〇The crows are not only frightened by threatening sounds, but story-style electronic sounds that make them feel as if an event is happening there.

<Electronic sound pattern example>
① Voice of hawk → Flock of crows (warning call) → Voice of being attacked by crows → Raising crows (warning) → Voice of hawk.
② Voice of crow being eaten by hawk → flock of crows (warning call) → Voice of crow being eaten 2 → crow making noise (warning).


〇 Depending on the installation location, please prepare a prop (diameter 25 mm to 30 mm) and fixing metal fittings separately.

〇The power supply is not included. Please purchase a 12V battery/battery box for automobiles at a home center. Simply connect with an alligator clip to complete the connection.
*With a 12V battery 40B19 for light vehicles, it can operate for about 20 days.

〇 When the battery runs out, the LED flashes to notify you.

〇Large volume of up to 100db class with built-in left and right double speakers. The volume can be adjusted with the volume.

〇Since it is a device that evades by sound, if there is a private house in the neighborhood, it will be subject to noise and complaints, so please be considerate. There is also a sound volume adjustment, but if the sound is too soft, the effect will be weak.

crow bouncer

Product specifications

重さ 約4kg (バッテリーコード5m含む)
サイズ 高さ320 × 幅460 × 奥行165 (mm)

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