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Repel beasts with the scent of natural enemies! Wolf Barrier (Wolf Pea) 400cc bottle type

Repel beasts with the scent of natural enemies! Wolf Barrier (Wolf Pea) 400cc bottle type

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For preventing intrusion of deer, wild boars, monkeys, bears, dogs, cats, etc.! It does not use any additives, etc., and is a repellent product that is very friendly to nature and animals compared to other repellent products. A container with a dropper contains 400cc of liquid. It is used together with the dedicated installation container (sold separately ).

We also have a 100cc size that is perfect for trial use.

Utilizing the habit of avoiding the presence of natural enemies

Use the scent of wolf markings, the natural predator of wildlife, to keep the beasts away. Easy to install, just put it in a small container and hang it around crops or roads (handling instructions are detailed on the package).

It is even more effective when used in conjunction with physical defense such as protective fences and nets.

1: Remove the cap of the dedicated installation container (sold separately) , cut the top corner of the container with scissors, etc., and make a hole.

2: Pass the wire attached to the dedicated installation container (sold separately ) through the hole opened in 1 above.

3: Using the dropper attached to the cap of the container containing the liquid, put 5 to 10 cc of the liquid into the dedicated container of 2 above and close the cap.

4: Fix by tying the wire attached in 2 to a rod or post (height is about 20 to 70 cm).

5: Repeat steps 1 to 4 above, and install at intervals of 3 to 6 m so as to surround the area to prevent intrusion.

6: If rain protection is required, use aluminum foil, etc., and place it between the main unit and the cap.

Repel beasts with the scent of natural enemies! Wolf Barrier (Wolf Pea) 400cc bottle type

Handling Precautions

◆ This product is a product that uses the smell to avoid it. When the liquid evaporates, add more. Also, even if the liquid remains, replace it when the smell disappears. The effect lasts for about a month, but it varies depending on the installation environment.

◆It has a strong irritating odor, so please handle it with care.

◆This product is designed to make it difficult for beasts that dislike natural enemies to approach. It does not guarantee the effect as a perfect beast avoidance.

◆ Depending on the type of beast, the effect may vary.

Estimated effect: Deer ○ Boar ○ Bear ○ Monkey ○ Dog ○ Civet △ Cat △ Weasel △ Fox × Mouse × Mole × Rabbit ×

Product specifications

重さ 天然狼尿400cc
機能 効果設置後約1ヶ月
内容物 天然狼尿100%

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