Outstanding cospa and capture efficiency! ! Fare Asahi Shiki Enclosure Trap

抜群のコスパ・捕獲率 囲い罠

A pen trap is a trap that traps and traps wild animals in an enclosure-like structure. There are two types:

A: A large-scale type that assumes permanent installation. There are many large ones, and there are cases where the total perimeter exceeds 300m.

B: At first glance, it looks like a box trap, but it is a movable type with more than half of the top surface open.

The Fare-Asahi style enclosure trap is the latter B, which is the same as a general box trap. Similar to box traps, bait is used to lure prey inside the trap, and when the prey enters the trap, the door falls down and capture is complete! That's how it works.

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Similar to the box trap series, it can also be used for Uribou, large wild boars, and deer.

Country of manufacture : Japan

Dimensions : Width 1.0m x Depth 2.0m x Height 1.0m (1.3m in height including the countertop)

Weight : Total weight approx. 120kg, one coat of anti-rust paint

  • Single door type *Type with only one drop door on one side
  • Double door type * There are two drop doors on both sides
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Reason for high catch rate

First, compare the two pictures below. The first is a picture of a normal box trap seen from a beast's point of view.

And the second is a picture of the enclosure trap from the beast's point of view.

Don't you feel that the latter enclosure trap is less oppressive because the top is open? This difference is the reason for the high catch rate. When capturing with box traps or enclosure traps, it is important to weaken the target's vigilance and lure him into the trap.

How I started making enclosure traps

For those engaged in agriculture and forestry, we want to eliminate the hassle and burden of hunting permits as much as possible.

There is a background that a license is not required for enclosure traps as long as the conditions are met, and development was started in response to the requests of farmers who were worried about damage caused by wild boars.

As a result, I noticed that the catch rate was much higher than that of a normal box trap, such as being able to catch 5 at a time with one enclosure trap. In the case of wild boars, large animals that have escaped human hands for many years are very cautious and difficult to capture, but it seems that large animals tend to be easier to catch if the top surface is open.

Features of FARE Asahi Shiki Enclosure Trap

First of all, it is easy to carry because it is disassembled and assembled, and it is possible to carry each part and assemble and install it even in places where cars cannot enter.

The upper part of the fence on the top surface has a sneak structure. This sneaker is angled 20-30 degrees with the top 30 cm facing the boar (inside the trap). When viewed from the animal's line of sight (low line of sight), the top of the folded fence appears to cover it, which has the effect of making the fence appear taller than it actually is.

Therefore, it is possible to prevent the captured beast from jumping over the fence. In addition, the Faret Asahi Shiki has added two reinforcing bars in the middle to make it more difficult to escape.

The advantages of the popular box trap series are followed as they are.

As with box traps, the bottom, top, walls, and door panels can be easily assembled with wire clips.

The structure is fully welded with 3-part rebar, and the door is reinforced with 5-part rebar. It is robust, has a long service life and is very cost effective.

Box traps and enclosure traps of this size often cost more than 100,000 yen. On the other hand, FARE Asahi does not use wire mesh, which is inferior in strength. We have a good reputation for welding technology because we also perform metal processing for major manufacturers.

About 10 years after the start of sales, we have achieved a high catch rate by making improvements every day, and have also succeeded in lowering the price. As a cheap and well-caught trap, it has been delivered to many local governments and hunting associations. >> Click here for the box trap type introduction page.

Conditions under which licenses and permits are not required

Please note that installation of fence traps without a license or permit is limited to cases where all of the following four items are met.

1. The hunting equipment to be used must be a "enclosure trap".

2. It must be for the purpose of preventing damage to crops, etc. that "is being done as a business"

3. Birds and beasts to be captured must be "hunting birds and beasts"

Four. Capture in the "hunting zone" during the "hunting season"

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  • Single door type *Type with only one drop door on one side
  • Double door type * There are two drop doors on both sides

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