A box trap with outstanding cost performance! ! Fare Asahi Box Trap

ファーレ旭式箱罠 異形鉄筋 全溶接

A box trap is a box-shaped trap used to capture wild animals. Use the bait to attract the prey into the box, and when the prey is inside, the door will drop and the trap will be complete! That's how it works. There are various types of products, but there is a box trap that has a good reputation from several hunting associations and local governments as "there is a box trap that is cheap and can be caught well."

Its name is "Fare Asahi Shiki Box Trap" . This is a box trap designed by a veteran hunter and engineer who has been involved in a lot of metal processing and has been familiar with hunting since he was a child.

First, let's take a look at the scene where the trigger for the Fare Asahi Box Trap is activated. *You can see the footnotes by setting the YouTube subtitles to Japanese.


It can also handle large wild boars and deer. There is also a track record of capturing 150 kg of wild boar. It is disassembled and each panel is fixed with a wire clip.

Dimensions: Width 1.0m x Depth 2.0m x Height 1.0m

Weight: door around 15-35kg, total weight about 120kg

Coating: One coat of anti-rust coating (gray)

*If you prepare only the tool for tightening the hexagonal nut of the wire clip and the kick string, you can start immediately.

*Purchase is also available from the online shop . We also have box traps for small animals such as monkeys, lions, raccoons, and badgers.

Features of the Fare Asahi Box Trap

First, I will explain the difference between the Fare Asahi Shiki and other box traps.

Safety and durability

The most distinctive feature is the outstanding strength of all welded deformed reinforcing bars. Box traps in this price range use wire mesh with inferior strength, and the metal welding is loose, so I don't really recommend it considering durability, but the Fare-Asahi type is different. Deformed reinforcing bars that can withstand the rampage of powerful prey are fully welded. If the side wall rebar is thin or the welds are not strong, the service life will be shortened. The power of wild beasts is stronger than you can imagine.

From the point of view of safety, the durability of the trap is a point that you should definitely compare and check. Imagine being hit hundreds of times by a very powerful boar. Catching in a broken trap is extremely dangerous as it can lead to serious accidents.

*The following is a reference video. It is not Faret Asahi style▼

well-thought-out structure

Sales started about 10 years ago, and the series has sold more than 10,000 units so far. Since its debut, it has been improved and improved every day to reach this structure.

Exquisite mesh design backed by experience and reinforcement considering the characteristics of pests are also added, making it a specification that can withstand harsh hunting environments.

And even now, 10 years later, we continue to make improvements based on daily research and user feedback. *For this reason, detailed specifications may change without notice.

The top photo is a trap door stopper (a safety device to prevent accidental falls), and the bottom photo is part of the manufacturing equipment in the factory.

There are many deliveries to municipalities and hunting associations from Kyushu to Hokkaido. We have received many comments from acquaintances who saw the Fare Asahi-style box trap purchased and said, "This is a well-made box trap."

Amazing cost performance

When choosing a box trap, there is always a dilemma in terms of cost. Ready-made products are packed with the know-how of the manufacturer, so the capture efficiency is high, but they are quite expensive.

In particular, when it comes to specs that can be used with confidence against deer and wild boars, ready-made products can exceed 100,000 yen. Then, since the off-the-shelf products are expensive, you can make your own, but if you don't have the know-how and welding skills for making traps, the hurdles are quite high. There are also costs for materials, consumables, and welding machine rentals.

I couldn't catch it by myself, and it was faster to buy a ready-made product after all.

It would be nice to have a ready-made product with a good balance between cost and specifications, but there are many products that say, "Is this material/welding okay? It looks like it will break soon..." for the price, so ready-made products with good cost performance It's hard to find.

On the other hand, Faret Asahi-shiki achieves surprising cost performance through the ingenuity of the manufacturing process. It is a big size that can handle large animals, and it is 65,790 yen for both doors and 56,520 yen for one door (both include tax and shipping).

Moreover, the structure of the trigger is a simple kick string type, which is easy to handle even for beginners and has almost no failures. The trigger structure is an important checkpoint when choosing a box trap, and it is better to avoid products with fragile trigger structures.

As an advantage of the kicking string type, it is possible to devise a mechanism by combining it with a dead tree instead of just stretching the kicking string. See here for how to tighten the kick string.

easy assembly

As a tool, it is easy to assemble if there is a rechargeable torque wrench. It can be assembled by one person, but it is easier and faster to assemble with a group of people.

Even without a rechargeable torque wrench, assembly can be completed with a single box spanner or ratchet spanner. It also comes with a mechanism and a stopper, so you can use it immediately after assembling (only the kicking string needs to be prepared by the customer). A total of 6 panels are assembled by fixing them with plated wire clips.

Difference between double door and single door

The double door type attracts food by placing it in the middle, and both doors close regardless of which side you enter. As you can see, the double door type has the feature that it is easy to attract prey because the back is not blocked by the net.

On the other hand, the single door type has only one entrance, so it may be difficult for individuals with strong alertness to be attracted. However, since there is only one escape route, the probability of escaping is reduced. If the target cannot easily enter the box, use both doors.

In addition, the Fare Asahi-style box trap has a mechanism that prevents the trapped animal from lifting the door, so the catch rate is outstanding (see the opening video around 40 seconds ).

customer's voice

Here are some of the impressions obtained from customers using the Fare Asahi Shiki.

"We have arrived safely. We are cultivating mandarin oranges here, but in recent years we have been plagued by the rapid increase in wild boars. We hope that the traps we received this time will help us fight back."

"Thank you very much. We were able to make a very good transaction. If there is another opportunity, please contact us again. I assembled the product quickly, and it is very sturdy, and I think a bear can handle it."

" Thank you very much for the easy-to-understand instructions. After using it, it feels good, so I may order it again. "

"I love it because it's cheap and I can catch it often."

"I thought it was a very good product, so I bought it again. The transaction was quick, and I can start working on it this weekend. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

"I'm making my own traps, but when I saw the product I received, it looked like a pro.

"It was a large parcel, but the package was excellent and I was able to pick it up smoothly. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you again."

"I received a call saying that the trap I purchased had a wild boar in it. The striped pattern has disappeared, and it's treated as an adult animal. If you catch a few of them, you'll be able to make your money back."

"If this product is at this price, I think it's a very conscientious business. If you have another chance, please do."

Summary of specs

Below are the specs for the big size. There are variations other than big size, so please refer to here. Disassembly and assembly type: If you carry each door individually, you can bring it in and install it in places where cars are difficult to enter.

- Lattice net: Welded all the grid nets using 3-part bars (approximately 9 mm).

・Door (frame/rail): Iron angle 40 x 40 x t3

・Door (lattice net): Weld the lattice net at all points using 3-part bars (approximately 9 mm). Key points are reinforced with 4-minute (approximately 12mm) and 5-minute (approximately 15mm) reinforcing bars.

・Accessories: Drop door stopper, gimmick, wire rope for lifting the door, wire clip for assembly, assembly and installation instructions

*Customers are required to prepare only kicking strings and tools. After that, you can start immediately with the product you received.

About purchasing products

Purchases can be made at the online shop or by pressing the purchase button below. We also have other sizes of box traps in our online shop .

Click here for product inquiries.

Purchasing a box trap

A hunting license or permission application is required to set up a box trap.

A hunting license is required to set traps. In addition, in order to capture wild animals, it is necessary to obtain permission from the prefectural or municipal head (although there are exceptions). Follow laws and local rules for safe and proper capture.

The remote island costs the postage separately

Applicable customers should select the remote island delivery option when placing an order in the online shop .

Cannot be sent to private residences

It will be delivered by heavy cargo mixed freight, and basically it will be delivered by Fukuyama Transporting office stop. It may be possible to adjust according to the quantity and receiving conditions, so please contact us if you have any questions.

In addition, in the case of stopping at the sales office, a lot of equipment and personnel are deployed, and if you go to pick it up in a vehicle with a loading platform, you will often be able to load it, so many customers use it. . In addition, delivery to private residences is not possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone, email, or through the inquiry form: Click here for inquiries >>.

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