Fare Asahi Box Trap Assembly Tips

ファーレ旭式箱罠 組み立て方のコツ
Fare Asahi-style box traps are prefabricated, so they have the advantage of being easy to carry and easy to assemble.
However, for those who assemble for the first time, there may be some parts that are difficult to understand with only the enclosed instruction manual.

Once you get used to it, you can assemble it in about 20 minutes.
Here, we will introduce the tips of assembly with photos and videos so that even beginners can shorten the assembly time.
* Specifications as of February 2018. Improvements are made daily, so details may differ from the actual product.

Outline of how to assemble

The video below provides an overview of how to assemble. Please take a look before actually assembling.

before assembly

Confirmation of parts

First, check to see if there are any missing parts for the box trap.

▼Components of both doors

  • Door panel x 2 * Photo
  • Side wall panel A (with trigger) x 1 * Trigger enlarged photo
  • Side wall panel B (no trigger) x 1
  • Bottom panel x 1
  • Top panel x 1 * With wire rope guide
  • Wire clip x 24 + Spare * Photo with wire clip fixed
  • Door stopper x 2 * J-shaped metal fittings
  • Wire rope for lifting the door *Attached to the door with tape.
  • ▼Single door components

  • Door panel x 1 * Photo
  • Rear panel x 1 * After rear panel assembly
  • Side wall panel A (with trigger) x 1 * Trigger enlarged photo
  • Side wall panel B (no trigger) x 1
  • Bottom panel x 1
  • Top panel x 1 * With wire rope guide
  • Wire clip x 30 + Spare * Photo with wire clip fixed
  • Kick string pulley x 2
  • Door stopper x 1 * J-shaped bracket
  • Wire rope for lifting the door *Attached to the door with tape.
  • Preparation of assembly tools

    Prepare tools for tightening hexagon bolts, such as ratchet spanners and torque wrenches.
    Considering the efficiency of work, we recommend the electric type.


    Pay attention to the direction of the rebar

    Each panel has a front and back. Please refer to the pictures below.

    Be careful with the door

    Be careful not to injure yourself by accidentally dropping the door.
    Please refer to the following video for how to use the safety stopper to prevent accidental drops.

    As you can see in the video, when opening the door, lift the door while raising the handle of the " prey escape prevention lock mechanism ".
    When opening the door to prepare the internal gimmicks or sprinkle food, be sure to set the safety stopper to prevent the door from falling.

    When assembling the door panel, the door may slide down or sideways and cause injury, so be careful not to let the door slip.

    Assembly tips

    *In the following photos, one person is working, but for safety, two or more people are required to assemble.
    First, place the bottom panel on the ground, then place one door panel and one side panel as shown in the picture below.
    Please pay attention to the front and back of the panel. Also, if the panel falls during assembly, you may be injured. In this state, temporarily tighten the wire clip by hand, and then use a tool to fully tighten it (see the video at the beginning).
    First, fix the side wall panel and door panel on one side with three wire clips. Next, secure the bottom panel and side panels with a total of 3 wire clips per side.
    In order to assemble it efficiently, it is a good idea to adjust the position each time when temporarily tightening so that the mesh pitch of each panel is aligned.

    The side wall panel is fixed by placing it on the long bar of the bottom panel as shown in the photo below. At this point, each panel is secured to prevent it from tipping over, making your job easier.
    The side wall panels will sag a little until they are all fixed, but fix them with wire clips while correcting them by hand.
    Next, in the case of double doors, fix the other door panel, and in the case of a single door, fix the rear panel.

    Single door rear panel installation

    When fixing the rear panel on a single door, fix it with 3 wire clips per side.
    Bring the other side wall panel and fix it with wire clips in the same way. Finally, put the top panel on top and fix it with a wire clip.

    Top panel mounting point

    The top panel is reinforced with angles to prevent the beast from lifting it.
    Make sure there is an angle between the door panel and side panel before fixing the top panel with wire clips.
    Once fixed, assembly is complete. The top surface can be fixed with a lot of wire clips to prevent the beast from lifting. If the product is to be transported in an assembled state, it should be carried by 5 to 6 people, or by using heavy machinery such as a crane. We will include an instruction manual with your purchase, but we hope that you can refer to this article and reduce the trouble of assembling.
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