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野生動物管理業界 イベントお役立ちサイト

For those who want to know serious animal damage measures. Kemono Cram School 2019

There are plenty of programs such as beginners', intermediate's, and on-site techniques! Passionate practitioners in the field will provide "learning" and "knacks" through real hands-on experiences. This event is especially recommended for those who:

◆ People who want to start a social business related to animal damage in the community

◆ People who want to work with wild animals

People who want to contribute to the community after retirement

Beginner's class

Theme: Introductory dojo that feeds on animal damage control

Date: October 24th (Thursday) to October 27th (Sunday), 2019

Location: Kamimine-cho, Sanyoki-gun, Saga Prefecture

Capacity: 30 people (first-come-first-served basis) Training fee: 50,000 yen (accommodation fee: approx. 30,000 yen for 3 nights and 8 meals)

Contents: Lectures on the ecology of each beast (wild boar, deer, monkey, raccoon), wildlife damage control theory, control methods (electric fences), trapping methods (tie traps, etc.), village environment diagnosis, laws and regulations lectures.

Local government person in charge

Theme: How to proceed with animal damage countermeasures that suit the region ~ effective policy planning method ~

Date: 1/11 (Sat) - 1/12 (Sun), 2020

Place: Tokyo Gakuin Building Main Building 3F Classroom (3-6-15 Kanda Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Capacity: 50 people (first-come-first-served basis) Training fee: 20,000 yen (breakdown

Training fee 15,000 yen + text fee 5,000 yen)

For more information, please see this brochure . * You can apply for "Training", a subsidized subject of the Wildlife Damage Prevention Comprehensive Measures Grant Project.

Career event “Furukemo Job Katsu 2019” specializing in animal damage control and wildlife management industry

A career event specializing in the animal damage control industry will be held in Tokyo again this year, connecting the desire to work with beasts and the field.

In recent years, there has been an increase in social demand for wildlife management and wildlife damage control, but at the moment the market for "animal damage" is underdeveloped, and the employment of those responsible is not stable. In particular, job information related to wildlife damage control is scattered, and it is difficult for people who want to get a job related to wildlife and nature to know about the existence of companies and organizations.

Therefore, the Furusato Kemono Network and Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University held a recruiting event to conduct a nationwide job matching where "organizations wanting staff" and "people wanting jobs" for jobs related to "kemono" gather. increase.

Date and time: Sunday, December 1, 2019 12:30 Open 13:00 Presentation start 17:30 End 18:00 Social gathering start

Cost: Participation in briefing session only...free, Participating in briefing session and social gathering...¥3,000

Target: All university students, graduate students, working adults, vocational school students, high school students

Venue: Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University (1-7-1 Kyonancho, Musashino, Tokyo, 180-0023) Building B 511/512

For more information, please see this brochure . If you are a company or organization looking to recruit, please click here .

"Kemono Job", a free job posting site specializing in the wildlife protection industry

This is a free job posting site that collects job information specialized in the industry that deals with wildlife damage control. We specialize in industries and reduce mismatches in recruitment to realize efficient human resource strategies. The Furuke mentioned above is also a site with a bulletin board function of Hello Work where you can search for recruits like job activities all year round.

For more information, please see this brochure . If you would like to participate or make an inquiry about each event or site, please use this form .

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