Key points for monkey damage countermeasures

A monkey that has a high learning ability and is good at climbing trees. It is widely distributed throughout Japan and is omnivorous, so it is often recognized as a nuisance that damages crops. This time, I would like to explain how to deal with damage caused by monkeys.

characteristics of monkeys

They are omnivorous and eat various things such as leaves, seeds, root vegetables, sprouts, fruits, fruit juices, and insects. Because of its high learning ability, once it recognizes a feeding ground, it will visit frequently.

It quickly learns places where it finds delicious food, places it learns are dangerous, and even people's faces. Because it is good at "climbing", even if there is a fence installed, it will easily climb and break through.

Characteristics of monkey damage

Monkey attacks occur all year round, but are especially common in spring and autumn. When it learns the taste of crops, when it is not accustomed to humans, it will only secretly take a small amount of crops, but as it becomes accustomed to humans, it will steal food even if humans are nearby.

They also invade homes and steal food from humans. Since they basically act in groups, another individual who sees a single individual taking food from the field learns about it, and eventually comes to the group.

About measures against monkeys

Due to the above characteristics, there is a limit to individual countermeasures. It is important to cooperate with members of the community and take measures as a whole community.

not recognized as a feeding ground

Don't leave anything that can be food for monkeys, such as abandoned crops. Monkeys can eat things that humans don't normally perceive as food, such as leftover vegetables, abandoned fruit trees such as persimmons, rice flies and fallen ears, and shiitake mushrooms from discarded hoda trees.

not accustomed to

As mentioned above, the damage will escalate as the monkeys get used to people. If you see a monkey, be sure to chase it away so that humans are perceived as scary and dangerous.

In some areas, rocket fireworks, firecrackers, pachinko (slingshots), etc. are used to drive away. It is important to make monkeys understand the attitude of "Keep away from human areas".

install a protective fence

It is also effective to enclose the fields with protective fences to prevent monkeys from entering.

If the intervals between the electric fences are wide, the monkeys will slip through before they feel the electric stimulus. Also, if you can climb along the pillar, it will be easily invaded.

Also, outside the fence, if there are trees nearby, they may jump and invade. Even if the height of the fence is low, it is easily broken through, so it is desirable that the height is 2 meters or more.

Electric fences may already be installed as a countermeasure against wild boars, etc., but if possible, it would be good to consider the characteristics of monkeys. Even if it is not enough, the effectiveness of countermeasures will be completely different depending on whether there is a fence or not.

Pest control as a last resort

If you can identify the individual that is causing the damage, it is also effective to capture it. However, if the female that is the center of the group is captured, there is a possibility that the group will be divided by capture, and the damage will spread. Reckless extermination may have the opposite effect, so it is a good idea to consult an expert.

Useful items for monkey countermeasures

Inohoi sells products designed to encourage animals such as monkeys, who are good at climbing, to give up climbing fences. Repels monkeys, etc. with thorns with a height of 6 mm and a spacing of 11 mm. It is easy to install and has a proven track record.

We have a wide type with a width of 12.5 cm, a narrow type with a width of 3 cm, and a rain gutter installation type that prevents intrusion into the house. There are steel types that are inexpensive and easy to process, and stainless steel types that are resistant to rain and have a long service life.

If you are climbing a fruit tree and getting damaged, or if you are climbing a fence that you set up, please try it.

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