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Suiden Electric Fence SEF-100-B Standard Dry Battery Type

Suiden Electric Fence SEF-100-B Standard Dry Battery Type

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Product features

Product features

<High-performance standard model with 3 power supplies>

At the time of purchase, it can be used immediately with dry batteries.
・Dry batteries (single x 8) (single alkaline batteries (8) are included with the main unit)

The following power supply specifications are available as an option.
・40B battery (sold separately) *A separately sold battery connection cord is required when using
・AC adapter & breaker set (earth leakage circuit breaker) (sold separately)

*Solar panels cannot be used. Please purchase the solar type SEF-100S.

*When using at AC100V, it is mandatory to install an earth leakage breaker.
・40B battery (battery connection cord required)

Product specifications

タイプ 乾電池タイプ
品番 SEF-100-B
電源 DC12V(単1形アルカリ乾電池8本)
出力電圧 最大10,000V
出力間隔 約1秒
運転切替 「連続」「昼」「夜」
最大有効距離 3,000m
稼働日数の目安 乾電池 昼夜連続運転:約25日間/夜間運転のみ:約50日間
本体寸法 幅×高さ×奥行き 260×395×170mm
本体質量 2.6kg (乾電池含まず)
付属品 ・高電圧出力線
・単1アルカリ乾電池 8個
備考 別売ACアダプター・ブレーカーセット使用可能

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