The definitive version of stray cat invasion countermeasures. Introducing “Nyan Guard”, which is easy to set up and has great effect

野良猫侵入対策 ニャンガード

Cats invade homes and poop, destroy flower beds, and damage cars. If you live in an area with a lot of stray cats, I think there are many people who suffer from this kind of damage. However, public institutions, including public health centers, cannot exterminate or capture cats.

Therefore, in order to reduce the damage, there is no choice but to take countermeasures against cats yourself. Various cat repellent products are sold at home centers and online shops, but the simplest and most effective way to physically repel cats is the " Cat Repellent Mat (Kenzan) ".

Not just any product is good.

100-yen shops sell cat-repellent mats with thorns (mountains of sword), but there are cases where the thorns are weak and ineffective. Also, even if the cat is confused by the cat avoidance mat at first and the effect is seen, the effect may fade as the cats learn and get used to it. In addition, the sheet may naturally deteriorate or come off due to rain or wind. Even though I did my best to install it in a difficult place to install, it is difficult to redo it.

Tips for choosing a cat repellent mat

Of course we want to focus on the cost aspect, but if we say, "There was no effect even though we went to great lengths to install it," it would be putting the cart before the horse. You want to choose a reliable product that works properly, but in order to do so, you need to choose a product that meets the following three criteria.

Point 1: The kenzan has a structure that prevents cats from walking on the mat.

Point 2: Strong outdoor weather resistance

Point 3: Compatible with various locations and easy to install

Featured Products. High quality domestic cat repellent mat "Nyanguard"

We would like to introduce " Nyan Guard " as a cat avoidance mat that satisfies the above three points. Made in Japan with peace of mind, and by using carefully selected materials, the outdoor weather resistance is over 10 years. Because the kenzan is long, the effect of avoiding cats is outstanding. In addition, the all-plastic kenzan is flexible and safe, so it is both safe and effective.

Easy to cut and install with scissors

Cat avoiding mats may be placed in various places. On fences, around flower beds, on outdoor units, etc. Nyan Guard can be easily cut with branch clippers or the like according to the location. After cutting, it's easy to just place them side by side where your cat will use them as footholds. Difficult construction is not required, and it can be easily and securely installed with a dedicated fastener. It can also be installed in curved areas.

Basically, no maintenance is required, and the main body can be attached and detached even after installation by using a special fastener. In addition, since it is made of soft and light plastic, it is designed to be safe for both humans and cats. It can be used not only for cats, but also for repelling pigeons and crows, and as a security measure. Below are some of the impressions that I actually used.

"It's easy to use. It's soft, so it's okay if it hits people. Cats don't come anymore."
"The effect is tremendous. It's been about three months since I put it on, but I haven't needed maintenance and it hasn't loosened."
"It can also be used to prevent pigeons. I used to have problems with droppings, but it seems like a lie. Even round handrails can be attached with vinyl strings."

Product line-up

The product lineup consists of the following two types.

" Short type " for easy preventive measures

Size: Height 103mm x Width 603mm x Depth 60mm

" Long type " with a longer kenzan for areas that have already been damaged

Size: Height 147mm x Width 600mm x Depth 78mm

Dedicated fastener

Detachment and replacement of the main body can be done easily with a special fastener. Significant speedup and cost reduction are possible. It will be fixed by fitting fasteners in two places on the main body.

Fastener for short type
Fastener for long type

Fit the long nail first, then fit the short nail. After that, apply adhesive to the back of the fastener, align it to the edge of the mounting surface, and adhere. *In the case of the type with double-sided tape, peel off the release paper and press firmly to stick it on.

Tips for maximizing the effect of Nyan Guard

Cats have individual differences, so depending on how you install it, it may not be effective. What should I do to get the most out of it? Three things are important:

Firmly fix it so that it does not move.

The fixation of the Nyan guard is loose, and it is meaningless if it falls off. Also, if it falls easily, the cat may learn it and lose its effectiveness. It is recommended to use the special fasteners listed above when installing.

lay down tightly

The Nyan Guard is effective by itself when placed, but if it is not covered and there are gaps, it will not be effective because you can ride where there is no Nyan Guard. If you spread it firmly on the top of the fence, etc., it will be effective.

consider jumping over

Cats have the ability to jump, so they may jump over you. It is effective to place a Nyan Guard in an interval that cannot be jumped over, or to place it on a fence to prevent it from entering. As with all cat avoidance measures, the important thing is to make the space no longer comfortable for cats.

Even if you try it once and it doesn't work, if you don't give up and repeat the anti-intrusion measures, the cat will gradually stop coming to you. It's important to let your cat know that this is an uncomfortable place.

Take countermeasures according to the damage situation and location

This time, I introduced the kenzan mat as a physical measure to prevent intrusion, but there are other ways to deal with it, such as dealing with fences and nets, and dealing with odors that cats don't like. The necessary countermeasures will vary depending on the damage situation and the location of the damage.

For example, the situation is different depending on the person, such as whether it is a house or an apartment. It's best to take appropriate measures according to each situation, but Nyanguard 's strength is that it adapts to various places and situations.

It is especially effective when installed in a high place such as on a fence. If you want to take thorough measures, you can also use it in combination with a repellent. Even if you have used other cat repellent mats and had no effect, why not try Nyanguard once?

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