Wild boar, deer, raccoon, palm civet measures! Introduction of patented repellent sheet

忌避シート イノシシ イノブタ シカ」 アライグマ・ハクビシン

In recent years, there has been an extremely wide range of wildlife damage, and there have been many serious cases. The crops grown with great care over time are destroyed and eaten by beasts... In addition, there are cases of life-threatening accidents such as being dug into the turf of a golf course and being hit by an animal on a highway.

There are many people who are having a hard time trying to stop the damage. It would be nice if we could prevent animals from approaching human living areas, but there are not many easy ways to do so. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce a repellent sheet that can be easily protected against animals by attaching it to a fence.

Features of the repellent sheet

The most distinctive feature is that it is a special sheet that contains 20 types of odors (capsaicin, curry, cinnamon, herbs, etc.) disliked by wild boars, deer, palm civets, and raccoons in a unique ratio. If you watch the video below, I think you will understand the repelling effect remarkably.

It can be easily installed anywhere, including electric fences, pasture fences, fruit trees and attics. In addition, it is possible to devise according to each situation, for example, if the beast invades a local area, hang it in a concentrated manner in that area.

Of course, it can be used alone, but it is more effective when used in combination with other anti-animal measures. The type can be selected for each target beast, for example, the boar will be blue.

There is also a reason why they are colored blue: wild boars can distinguish blue, but they cannot distinguish between red and gray. In addition, the swinging of the seat has been devised to alert visually, and it is one of the features that adjustments are made according to the characteristics of each beast.

Installation example of repellent sheet

Repellent sheets fall under the category of repellent materials for wildlife damage, so they are eligible for wildlife damage prevention subsidies. In addition, it has been introduced to expressways, JR, municipalities, and golf courses nationwide, and has received high praise (it was also featured in a TV program in the past).

NEXCO West Japan

Introduced to prevent accidents caused by deer and wild boars on highways. Both wild boar and deer are installed on the net.

JR West Japan

Introduced to prevent wild boars from entering the route.

Ordinary house

Introduced to prevent wild boars and deer from entering the fields.

Specifications and installation method

Each beast type has a different color. *It is divided into wild boar type and boar type.

[Type A] For wild boar...The color is blue. 9.5cm long x 50cm

[Type B] For wild pigs (with bell): Purple color. 9.5cm long x 50cm

[Type C] For deer...The color is red. 9.5cm long x 100cm

[Type D] Raccoon / palm civet...The color is red. 9.5 cm x 10 cm (for indoor use), 9.5 cm x 50 cm (for outdoor use)

Place wild boars and boars within 1 meter, and deer within 1.5 meters. The approximate mounting height is 60 to 70 cm for wild boars and wild pigs, and 110 to 120 cm for deer (adjust according to individual size).

In addition, it is ideal to be set 10 cm to 30 cm away from the ground. The product comes with a mounting band that can be firmly fixed to fences, nets, ropes, etc. Also, for indoor use, please place one per tatami mat where the nest is located.

Trivia: Differences between wild boars and wild pigs

Inobuta is a cross between a wild boar and a pig for the purpose of using the wild boar as meat. Inobuta is said to be larger in size. In addition, wild boars only breed once a year, while boars can breed all year round, so they have a high fertility.

If the contraindication sheet for wild boar is not effective, please try the contraindication sheet for wild boar.

Impressions after using

◆ "I didn't suffer any damage when I used it. I think it's good that it's easy to install."

◆ "The year before last, the damage was almost completely destroyed, and last year we considered an electric fence, but this time we purchased a repellent sheet. We also took measures other than installing a repellent sheet, so the effect is not clear, but the effect is not clear. There was no boar damage."

◆ "It seems to have been effective for a while after it was installed. The next morning after heavy rain, there were signs that wild boars had invaded again. It seems that the effect is high when used in combination with fences and with a large number of fences."

◆ "It doesn't come out where it's hanging. It's dug up where it's far from the seat. I think it's working."

◆ "The damage has not spread so far, so it seems to be effective. Wild boars seem to get used to the device, so I think you need to be careful."

◆ "The dog went to nibble with pleasure, but the wild boar did not come."

Precautions for use

The repellent effect has been confirmed under various environments, but the repellent effect may not appear due to individual differences and conditions. Please note that we cannot compensate for damage. The expiration date is about 1 year after opening, but it may vary depending on the conditions.

About purchasing a repellent sheet

You can jump to each purchase page from the buttons below.★ Product list
target beast specification sales page
boar 9.5 cm x 50 cm 50 sheets x 2 sets (blue) Wild boar repellent sheet
Inobuta 9.5 cm x 50 cm 50 sheets x 2 sets (purple with bell) Fukuronagasa 6 sun
deer 9.5 cm x 100 cm 50 sheets x 2 sets (red) Fukuronagasa 7 sun
Raccoon civet (For indoor use) 9.5 cm x 10 cm 50 sheets x 2 sets (red) Fukuronagasa 9 sun 5 minutes
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