I want to eat it once! 5 recipes and how to eat exquisite wild boar meat game dishes.


Wild boar meat is familiar to hunters, but the way it is eaten may not be so familiar to the general public. Compared to general pork, there are large individual differences, but high-quality shish meat is truly exquisite.

In this article, we will introduce recipes for making delicious boar meat.

First, from the characteristics of boar meat

It is characterized by its high protein and low calorie content. In the Edo period, boar meat was used as a medicine, and boar meat is rich in high-quality protein and vitamins.

Compared to the same part of pork, boar meat has more minerals and protein. Pork has more fat and vitamin B1, and boar meat is said to have less than half the fat of pork. Young individuals tend to be softer and have more juice even after cooking. The quality of the meat depends on bleeding (bleeding) at the time of slaughter.

Depending on how carefully the blood is drained, the smell will completely change ( * Reference article: How to cut and handle a wild boar ). In addition, before using it in cooking, soaking it in salt water and rubbing it in will reduce the smell.

In addition, boar meat has several nicknames. It is called ``botaniku'' (botan meat) because the word ``lion'' in ``lion and peony'' (parable of a good match) was replaced with ``wild boar''. It is also called 'mountain whale' as a remnant of the strong tendency to disapprove of

Of course, depending on the part, there are characteristics in meat quality.

Roast : A part with a good balance of fat and meat quality. It is characterized by the tenderness of the meat and the rich flavor of the fat.

Bara meat : A part that is generally called three meats. This is the area with the highest percentage of fat. If you want to enjoy the delicious taste of fat, we recommend the rib meat.

Thigh meat : It is characterized by a higher ratio of red meat than white meat. If you want to enjoy the umami of red meat, this part is recommended. If you serve it together with rib meat, it will be a beautiful dish with clear red and white shading.

5 exquisite wild boar meat game recipes

Now that I've said that, I'd like to introduce you to some exquisite wild boar recipes.

Part 1: Shishi Nabe (Botan Nabe)

Botan nabe is the first dish that comes to mind when it comes to boar meat dishes. Not only is it delicious, but the power of plenty of vegetables and wild boar meat also has an outstanding nutritional and tonic effect. By the way, Yosa Buson, a haiku poet, wrote, ``Quietly put on a trivet and eat Yakushoku.'' Yakushoku here refers to Botan Nabe.

Use 300g of shredded meat for 2-3 people. The basic ingredients are tofu, carrots, burdock, green onions, shimeji mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, and mizuna. Add some garlic and ginger for seasoning.

Use about 800cc of water and season as desired. For miso flavor, add 1 tablespoon of Japanese-style stock, kelp, sake, mirin, 2 tablespoons of miso, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Shishi meat and firm vegetables (carrots, burdock, etc.) are simmered, and when the meat is tender, all ingredients except mizuna are added. After that, once it boils, add mizuna and boil it for a while before eating.

Part 2: Charcoal Grill

No recipe, just charcoal-grilled boar meat, but it's delicious anyway. Seasoning with salt and pepper is enough, but eating the grilled meat with plum garlic is the best. With the combination of wild boar power and garlic power, you can enjoy hiking in the mountains during the hunting season. Click here for the Ganso Ume Garlic sales page>>

Part 3:

Boar meat char siu (roasted boar) 350g of boar meat (bark) is enough for 2-3 people. As a preparation, pierce the whole boar meat with a fork so that the flavor soaks in and cooks well. After that, wrap it with octopus thread to prevent it from losing its shape. If you want to make char siu like what you would find in a store, it would be a good idea to try rolled char siu.

After wrapping the meat with octopus thread, brown the boar meat in a frying pan over high heat.

After that, put the boar meat in a pressure cooker, add ginger slices, white leek, sugar, soy sauce, sake, and water. Simmer in residual heat for about 15 minutes. Open the lid and stick a bamboo skewer into the boar meat. After that, turn the boar meat upside down from time to time and bring it to a boil.

Part 4: Boar Meat Cutlet (Shishikatsu)

It's Shishikatsu, not pork cutlet. I'm going to use boar loin, but I'm going to remove the sinews and big fat beforehand. Also, if you marinate the meat in beer or wine for a long time before coating it, the smell will be completely removed.

After that, they are coated with flour, eggs, and bread crumbs in that order, and fried in oil at about 180°C. Fry until the inside is well cooked and it's done.

Part 5: Shishikotsu Ramen

It's shishikotsu ramen, not tonkotsu ramen. I'm pretty strong when it comes to making tonkotsu ramen soup from the bones at home, but there's a video of me making shishikotsu ramen, so you might want to take a look at this and try it once. By the way, boar bone ramen that you eat at a specialty store is quite delicious.

I want to taste it once again. professional taste

You can't go wrong with a boar meat dish served in a specialty store. Even those who have an image of gibier cuisine not being good at it should be surprised by the delicious taste that overturns the image.


Wild boar hunting is lifted in November (October in some areas), so the boar meat season is just around the corner. You can cook delicious boar meat that you have killed yourself, or you can savor the taste of a professional who knows everything about purchasing, processing, and cooking boar meat.

Even if you don't like to eat and have never tried it, please give it a try.

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