[July 8, 2022] 6th! Limited to Inohoi users. Information on seminars to learn about hunting and harmful capture.


Thank you for always using our shop Inohoi!

We would like to inform you about the 6th seminar to convey know-how about hunting / harmful capture.

Those who use this website, those who have purchased various traps and have concerns, those who are using them for the first time, and those who are considering purchasing can participate free of charge.
Please take advantage of this opportunity. *Since it will be held online, you can participate from anywhere as long as you have an internet environment.

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Since this year's license course has also started, we will deliver information that will be helpful to veterans, including those who are planning to obtain a trap license this year. Please see below for details.

Mr. Nakamura, who is a professional in exterminating harmful birds and beasts, will be invited as a lecturer, and we will talk about the following various contents.

(1) We will ask Mr. Nakamura about what a harmful bird and beast extermination professional talks about, contents related to trapping, box trapping, and hunting.
・What mistakes and misconceptions do you tend to make when using tying traps and box traps? Advice on its content.

・Actions and ways of thinking necessary to increase the capture rate with box traps and tying traps. Dangerous experiences, episodes such as injuries, things to be careful about such content, etc...

② Questions and answers from everyone (please fill in the application form)
This is a popular question and answer corner. We will directly answer what the participants usually feel about doubts and problems, so please feel free to ask questions!
・The soil of the place where the trap is set up is clayey, and it feels difficult to set the trap. I want to know

Eligible people

Please join us not only for those who are just starting trap hunting, but also for veterans.


TSJ Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Atsushi Nakamura

TSJ Mr. Nakamura

Photo: TSJ representative Mr. Nakamura. He is one of the few professional hunters who has been recognized nationwide for his full-scale efforts to deal with damage caused by wildlife.

Introducing TSJ, a professional group for exterminating harmful birds and beasts

TSJ is a harmful wildlife capture business* certified by the Ministry of the Environment and the Governor of Nara Prefecture.

* Under the 2015 revision of the Wildlife Law, a project certified by prefectural governors and the Ministry of the Environment as having the organization and technology to capture harmful wildlife safely and efficiently person.

The company employs shooting instructors designated by the Public Safety Commission and employs experienced hunters and exterminators of harmful birds and beasts, and conducts regular shooting training, on-the-job training, and classroom lectures, ensuring safe and highly efficient operations. promotion is possible. The main workers are in their 30s and 40s and have high mobility, 4 night shooting skills certified, 6 rifle owners, 7 air gun owners, traps (small, large, for birds), It is possible to respond to various capture needs such as tying traps.

Seminar schedule

2022/7/8 (Friday) 19:00 ~ Approximately 1 hour *Held online by google meet MTG

way to participate

Those who wish to participate must register as a member of the Inohoi Online Shop in advance. If you register as a member, an entry form for participating in the seminar will be sent to the email address you entered at the time of registration. Please complete the form by the deadline.

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For those who have completed the form input, the URL of the online course (google meet) will be sent by e-mail at a later date (please set your permission to receive e-mails from inhoi.com in advance).

Participation deadline

Thursday, July 7, 2022

For those who have already registered as a member

We will inform you about the entry form for participation separately in the e-mail magazine that we distribute about once a week. If you have any questions or can't find the form, please let us know.

[Announcement! ! Introduction of Inohoi exclusive benefits] For customers who purchase box traps for wild boars and deer.

Return guarantee

◎ 1 year catch guarantee!

This product can be returned if it cannot be captured within one year of purchase (*Please note that this is limited to products that are not deformed or malfunction).

online lesson

◎ Those who have already registered as a member

An experienced capture professional (certified wildlife capture business operator) will be a counselor and will accept your concerns about capture for free (once a month, online).

Pick up at store

◎ Over-the-counter receipt welcome!

If you pick up at the store, you can get free shipping . If you live near our store (Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture), please use it. Equipped with parking lot and forklift .

*Regarding return guarantee : Freight charges for product shipping and returns are not eligible for refunds. If this guarantee is applied, the refund will be the amount after deducting the fare from the total amount. Please note that if the returned product is deformed or malfunctions, it will not be covered by the warranty.
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