Started direct delivery of heavy goods box traps!

Large box traps used by many customers every year can now be delivered directly! We have received many comments that the sales office is far away and it is difficult to collect, so please take this opportunity to consider it!

[Caution] * Even if it is a direct delivery, it will be delivered by heavy cargo mixed cargo and will be handed over on the vehicle (consignee unloads from the delivery truck). Please use unloading equipment such as a forklift or multiple people who can work.

*In the case of Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands, a separate relay fee may be required. In addition, in the case of remote islands, it may be held at the port, so please contact us for details.

Inohoi box trap for big animals 3 recommended points

It's a sturdy box trap.

Robust structure that can withstand beasts!

Wild boars are especially powerful among large animals, and box traps are also required to be robust. Inohoi box traps for large animals use deformed rebar instead of cheap wire mesh. Three-quarter bar: Approximately 9mm is used to weld the lattice mesh at all points. Furthermore, key points are reinforced with 4- and 5-minute reinforcing bars, making for a very robust structure.

Box trap trigger with high catch rate

Box trap trigger with high catch rate

The trigger is a simple kick string type, so even beginners can easily set it. Because of its simplicity, it is possible to add various ingenuity, such as tying the tip of the kicking string to a dead tree placed inside the box trap. *Kicking strings can be used in various ways, so customers will have to prepare them themselves.

Box trap panels can be easily connected with wire clips

Easy installation with disassembly and assembly

Each side of the box trap is disassembled, and it is connected with a wire clip and assembled into a box shape. If the customer prepares a wrench to tighten the M10 hexagon bolt and a kick string, it can be set immediately after assembly. *Assembly by multiple people with an electric wrench can significantly reduce the work time.

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