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Hunting Life 2021 VOL.8 "Wild Boar & Deer Hunting Frontline"

Hunting Life 2021 VOL.8 "Wild Boar & Deer Hunting Frontline"

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The whole book is a mook full of useful information for all hunters, with the theme of hunting . Released three times a year in March, July, and November.
A specialized hunting magazine that can be enjoyed by beginners and veterans alike. Primarily for hobby hunters, it covers a wide range of subjects, including how to catch fish, how to cook, how to use skins and bones, introduction to hunting tools, reading materials related to hunting, how to conserve the mountains and fields through capture management, how to face life, and enlightenment on safe hunting. The content invites you to the world of hunting.

Use all your wisdom and physical strength to hunt your prey, cut it up, and enjoy it. Hunting is a culture that has continued uninterrupted, and there is a world of self-sufficiency in hunting that we tend to forget when we live casually. In this book, we carefully explain the fun and severity of hunting, from obtaining a hunting license, which is essential for hunting in Japan. In addition, we carefully explain the wisdom and techniques for catching, how to utilize prey, and the meaning of hunting in modern times when food is easily available. We cover and report on the activities of local governments and hunters who are at the forefront of wildlife damage control in recent years.

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Contents of this magazine

Let's go to the mountain where the big game is!

Special Feature 1: Wild boar and deer hunting front line
-Hunting techniques and knowledge collection for facing with guns and traps-

real document
We hunt because we have dogs / A master-student relationship with a 52-year difference in hunting history / We walk with 100 wild boar dogs! / Adhering to the first solo hunting

Practical how-to
The basics of slug shooting / The style of tying trapping - the experience and ingenuity of a veteran hunter with over 40 years of hunting experience / CSF & radioactive materials / Deer dismantling techniques taught by professionals / Solo sneak hunting - preparation and how to enjoy it / The profound world of hounds, etc.

Feature 2: Brand New Hunting Gear 2021
A large introduction to new products related to hunting/Tools that make hunting comfortable [enlarged version]/Basic forms of air guns-spring-type air guns that are currently a hot topic/Introduction to custom knives-The joy of using your own one

Featured project
Shinya Senmatsu Life luck / Toshiharu Kubo Brown bear in early spring / Takao Akatsu A sobering book / Yusuke Arai Tale of the Matagi / Toro Kitao Can Jibie save the region? How to do / Interview YouTuber Karijoshi Nozomi “Why I Hunt” / National Shooting Range & Gun Shop Guide, etc.


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Product specifications

ページ 146ページ
発売日 2021/4/6
出版社 山と渓谷社
言語 日本語
寸法 18.2 x 1.1 x 25.7 cm
ISBN-10 4635907430
ISBN-13 978-4635907439

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