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Explosive Machine Jet Bang (Former: Bird Killer) TJB-5

Explosive Machine Jet Bang (Former: Bird Killer) TJB-5

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It is a blower that can be connected to propane gas and can scare away birds and monkeys with a powerful explosive sound. The interval at which the explosive sound is emitted can be adjusted with the included controller dial (stepless adjustment from approximately 30 seconds to approximately 10 minutes). In addition, since the built-in light sensor distinguishes between day and night, you can choose to operate only during the day or only at night by switching. Based on 60 years of know-how since its launch, this product has a reputation for being easy to use.

* Since a loud explosion sound will be generated, please consider the operation time if there is an address nearby.

Products suitable for bird control in orchards, fields, and airports

Target animals: crows, starlings, bulbuls, sparrows, monkeys

〇 With automatic day/night switch

〇 Gas usage period: 120 days (when using a 10 kg cylinder / volume "medium" / 14 hours per day at intervals of 2.5 minutes)

〇Battery usage period: Approximately 60 days (14 hours per day at 2.5 minute intervals / when using a single alkaline battery)

〇 Accessories: Driver / Danger board x 2 / Earplugs / Instruction manual

*Precautions for use: If direct sunlight is strong, install the gas cylinder so that it is in the shade. Requires 3 x 2 dry cell batteries, so please prepare them separately.

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Product specifications

昼夜検知方式 光センサー
運転間隔 約30秒〜約10分
電源 DC4.5V
使用ガス プロパンガス
威嚇方法 爆発音
ガス使用期間 約120日(10㎏ボンベを使用し音量を中で運転した場合)
音の大きさ 100〜120デシベル
電池使用期間 約60日
運転モード 昼/夜
重さ 6㎏

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