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Inohoi Original "INOHI HUNTING CLUB" Hunting Vest

Inohoi Original "INOHI HUNTING CLUB" Hunting Vest

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Inohoi original goods


Introducing the Inohoi original "INOHI HUNTING CLUB" hunting vest.
Our shop Inohoi aims to provide an opportunity for hunters and people living in mountainous areas who suffer from wildlife damage to get more people to know about this issue without worrying about the damage caused by vermin. mascot, Inohoi-kun's design has been revamped to create an orange hunting vest that must be worn when hunting.

I would be very happy if you could help us to know about the people who are suffering from wildlife damage at our store.

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Clothing for hunting

Ensuring safety
Due to the possibility of accidental shooting from a hunting rifle, it is recommended to wear highly visible orange. Camouflage patterns are very dangerous in mountains with thick vegetation. Wearing bright colors is a must to ensure safety in the mountains.

can't see the beast
Wild boars and deer are said to be unable to see colors other than blue. Therefore, it is easy to see from humans, but difficult to see from animals.
*The audio in the video is in English, so please watch with subtitles.

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Product specifications

着丈(実寸) 約67cm
身幅(実寸) 約66.5cm
肩幅(実寸) 約47cm
重量 約265g

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