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5 boar franks

5 boar franks

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Gibier is a French word that means the meat of wild animals caught by hunting, such as wild boar and deer. In Europe, it has been used in traditional dishes of the nobility since ancient times, and has been valued as a high-class ingredient.

Boar meat is rich in vitamin B group, collagen unsaturated fatty acid, taurine, etc., and can be expected to have a nourishing and tonic effect!

deer chunk meat

We used wild boar from Chiba Prefecture, refrained from the necessary additives as much as possible, and took time to mature.

One 80g frankfurter is very satisfying to eat and goes perfectly with beer!
It is a large-capacity pack containing 5 bottles per bag.

It's preheated, so after thawing, you can quickly grill it over a charcoal fire and enjoy it deliciously when camping or BBQing. When the skin is crispy and the fat comes out, it's done! When you bite into it, the meat juice comes out from inside!


Deliver with confidence

The sales agency, the hunting cooperative distribution, handles everything from catching game meat to stopping stings, bleeding, and individual inspections. We are particular about sashimi , and the meat is juicy with little odor. Under administrative management, we will deliver safe and secure gibier to everyone.

*Since it is a natural product, we cannot predict when and what kind of individual will be caught, so the production of the product is not stable and the price is inevitably high, but we are confident in the taste and quality. increase.

“We are going to take lives, so we aim for 100% utilization.”

In recent years, about 1.2 million wild boars and deer have been killed in the name of exterminating harmful birds and beasts. Only about 80,000 heads, or 7% of them, are used for meat and pet food. The remaining 90% or more of wild boar and deer are buried in the mountains, incinerated and disposed of.
Wild animals called pests look for food to live, and as a result they destroy fields and orchards, so they are called pests and are exterminated. However, we must not forget that we humans are the ones responsible for disrupting the balance of the ecosystem. Humans are not the only victims; wild animals are also victims.
In order to promote "100% utilization" of wild animals that are exterminated without forgetting the gratitude of receiving such precious lives, Hunter's Studio and TSJ Co., Ltd. took the lead in establishing a general incorporated association.

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