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Apollo Bomber GS2B-DX

Apollo Bomber GS2B-DX

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Product features

explosion machine

1. Fully automatic type with electronic control. All models have volume and operation adjustment. The Super Bakuonki GS2B-DX has an electronic circuit volume adjustment function. Easy and reliable.

2. You can change the operation interval as well as switching between day and night. (1-8 minutes)

3. A friendly design that allows you to operate and check the on/off switch, volume knob, and battery level without opening the circuit.

4. 4 single batteries can be used for about 3 to 4 weeks (approximately 3 minute intervals, medium volume), making it economical.

5. It can be used for about a month and a half or more with a 10 kg propane gas cylinder.

6. Comes with a protective cover that can fix the electronic circuit on the cylinder.

7. Easy to assemble, anyone can use it with confidence.

8. The lighting plug is attached to the bottom of the cylinder, so the explosive power increases.


*This product does not come with a single dry cell battery or propane gas cylinder.

*This product makes a very loud explosion sound, so please use it in a place that does not cause noise pollution.

Although the noise regulation law does not apply to bombers, each local public entity may have set up standards in their ordinances. Please contact the Pollution Control Division of your local government for information on the existence of such ordinances.

Product line-up

Product specifications

型式 GS2B-DX
タイプ プロパンガス式
作動間隔 1~8分(昼夜切替付)
作動間隔 単一×4本(別売)

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