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Quick tester TBS-QT1 tiger for the electric fence

Quick tester TBS-QT1 tiger for the electric fence

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For energization check of fence wire and this device. Eliminate forgetting to turn off the power switch with a push button type.

Product features

3-stage LED lamp display that is easy to see outdoors

●Since the voltage of the fence wire itself can be measured, it is easy to measure without grounding!

●You can easily check the voltage status of the electric fence by simply hooking it to the fence wire while pressing the measurement button.

3-stage lamp display
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Product specifications

サイズ 幅4×奥行3×高さ16.5×(cm)
重さ 120g
電源 9V乾電池付属(交換可)
付属品 ストラップ

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