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For capturing and protecting small animals. Foraging Net Arhant

For capturing and protecting small animals. Foraging Net Arhant


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For capturing raccoons, raccoons, and other small animals that destroy fields and orchards, and for protecting local stray cats.
The length of the handle can be adjusted, and the net can be removed after capture, so it can be transported as it is. The ring size is large and easy to catch.

Characteristics of Arhant

big ring

45cm big ring

The large ring size makes it easy to capture small animals that damage fields and gardens. Please be careful as you need to get close to the animals at a certain distance.

mesh removable

mesh removable

After capturing, you can remove the net and transport it as it is without replacing it with another case. Claws and fangs may pop out of the mesh, so please wear cut resistant gloves when working.

Adjustable length

adjustable length

It is stretchable and the length can be adjusted from 130cm to 195cm. Since it is fixed by tightening the bolt, you can fix it at your favorite length and adjust it to an easy-to-handle length.

Product specifications

全長 1300mm〜1950mm
リング内径 450mm
ハンドル長 820〜1470mm
ネットサイズ (W)785mm×(H)900mm
重量 925g
本体材質 アルミニウム
グリップ材質 ゴム
ネット材質 ポリエチレン

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