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Koshin KOSHIN Smart Koshin Rechargeable High Pressure Washer SJC-3650

Koshin KOSHIN Smart Koshin Rechargeable High Pressure Washer SJC-3650

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Product information

●Because it is cordless, it can be used anywhere
Since it is a battery, it can be used in places where there is no power supply as long as you prepare a water tank. (However, self-priming within 30 cm)
It can be used in various places such as bicycles, motorcycles, farm equipment, ships, and graves.
When used around the house, it can be used directly connected to the water supply. (*Water tank sold separately)

Easy to hold and carry for women
The main body shape adopts a vertical type that does not put a burden on the waist.
The grip shape is easy for Japanese women to hold.

Switchable between high and low pressure
Switchable between high and low voltage with a single switch.
At low pressure, it can also be used to clean delicate parts such as screen doors and air conditioner outdoor unit fins.

●Easy to use!
Easy to assemble without tools.
1. Attach the battery
2. Connect to water supply
3. Connect to the main unit

●The length of the nozzle gun can be changed.
Since the extension lance can be attached and detached, the application of cleaning is expanded.

Neat storage
All parts such as hoses, guns, and lances can be stored inside the main body. Moreover, it can be stored in most veranda stockers on the market.

Vacuum cleaner

Product specifications

モーター ブラシレスモーター
バッテリー種類 リチウムイオン
電圧 DC36V
バッテリー容量 5.0Ah
充電時間 約180分
運転時間 低圧:約30分 / 高圧:約20分
最大許容圧力 7.0MPa
最大吐出水量 3.3L/分 (198L/時間)
給水 常温水道水(50℃以下)
騒音値 (低圧)60dB / (高圧)63dB
高圧ホース長さ 10m
本体サイズ(W×L×H) 300×300×400mm
本体重量 4.4kg(バッテリーなし)/5.8kg(バッテリーあり)(※付属品は含みません。)

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