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[Discontinued] Clamp band post (1 set)

[Discontinued] Clamp band post (1 set)

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Of the 4 types of anti-bird wire posts, this is the type that can be installed on thin pipes and pipe materials (minimum applicable diameter φ16 mm!). *In addition, if the applicable diameter of the installation location is φ32 mm or more, please use the standard base set . Integration of clamp and band dramatically improves work efficiency. This post is a set of the base part and the post of the pole.

There are two holes in the pole, and you can hang wires on each. It is recommended to make it two-tiered because it is more effective. *It is a stand alone. Depending on the installation location, please purchase the required quantity of springs and wires separately.

Installation example

Strut Type: Clamp Band Set

Installed in even thinner parts that the standard base set could not handle.

Installation tips:

Wrap the clamp band around the pipe material, hook the attached hook, and tighten the thumbscrew to fix it. Hand-tighten the thumbscrews without tools.

Even if you tighten the thumbscrew by hand, if you overtighten it, the catch may break. Please note that it may break if you tighten it too much after tightening it and it will not turn.

clamp band set

Various support 4 types that can be selected according to the installation location

We have 4 types of props that fit various installation locations. Since it is a part that considers workability, work efficiency is also excellent. There are two holes in the pole, and you can hang wires on each. It is recommended to make it two-tiered because it is more effective.

standard base set

standard base set

It's a standard pillar. It can be stably installed in a pipe-shaped place with a diameter of 32 mm or more.
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clamp band set

clamp band set

It is the best support for thin pipes. Applicable minimum diameter 16 mm. Can be installed on thin pipes and pipe materials.
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compact clamp set

compact clamp set

Supports that can be easily installed on H-shaped steel, etc.
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strong clamp set

strong clamp set

Supports that can be strongly tightened and are ideal for locations subject to vibration.
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Installation method

How to make anti-bird wire

●Stand up pillars at 2m intervals and stretch the wires.

●Use a spring every 4m. For example, if you use three posts at a height of 4m, you can simply pass the wire through the hole in the center post. However, when stretching the wire in an L-shape or U-shape, be sure to use springs at the corners.

●Also, please be sure to use the struts for the terminal struts.

●The spring can be either a spring or a one- touch spring . When using the spring, prepare the same number of sleeves ( aluminum sleeves or stainless sleeves ).

★ Installation example for 10m

Example of installation

Approximate required quantity of each component

2m 10m 20m 50m 100m
In the case of 1-tier strut Two 6 11 26 51
wire 2.5m 11m 22m 55m 110m
Spring 2 pieces 6 10 pieces 26 pieces 50 pieces
In the case of two-tiered strut Two 6 11 26 51
wire 5m 22m 44m 110m 220m
Spring Four 12 pieces 20 pieces 52 pieces 100 pieces

Part names of bird-proof wire set

Select each component according to the installation location.

anti-bird wire

1: Bird repellent wire A wire that is stretched to prevent birds from flying.
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2: It is a spring for stretching the spring wire with appropriate tension.
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3: It is a prop to stretch the prop wire. Various types are available depending on the installation location.
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4: Used as necessary when installing in a bandpipe-like location.
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Product specifications

サイズ ポール/太さφ5mm×長さ109mm クランプバンド/t0.4mm×幅30mm×長さ135mm ポール用ビス穴径 M5、適用径φ16mm~φ40mm
素材 バンド部:高耐食性メッキ鋼板ZAM 蝶ネジ部:スチール(メッキ処理)

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