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Indoor use against raccoons and civets Repellent sheets 50 x 2 sets Patent No. 4994408

Indoor use against raccoons and civets Repellent sheets 50 x 2 sets Patent No. 4994408

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Recommended for those who are worried about beast countermeasures such as attics. It is a repellent sheet that exerts a strong repellent effect against raccoons and palm civets due to the odors that animals are not good at, such as red pepper ingredients (patented*). In addition, the red color that beasts are cautious of raises vigilance. No hunting license required. It is very easy to install because you only need to install it for a certain period of time. It is a product that is friendly to people and the environment, so you can use it with confidence.

*No. 4994408: Sheet for preventing intrusion of boars and deer

Easy installation of anti-animal sheet

Easy installation

Just throw them in the attic at equal intervals! No construction required. Please throw in about one per tatami mat. The smell is very strong for animals with a keen sense of smell, such as raccoons and palm civets, but humans do not find it offensive in the attic.

Anti-animal sheet expiration date


Expiration date (about 1 year) Effective without maintenance. *The repellent effect has been confirmed under multiple environments, but compensation cannot be made. please note that.

subsidy target

Eligible for subsidy

This product is eligible for the Bird and Beast Damage Prevention Comprehensive Measures Grant. You can receive it by applying to the Wildlife Damage Council of your city hall. *The application method differs depending on the area in which you live. Please inquire at the window of the Wildlife Damage Council at your city hall.

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Product specifications

大きさ 10 x 9.5cm
素材 忌避剤:天然植物(食品添加物) カプサイシン他

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