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Great for capturing small and medium-sized animals Animal catch pole

Great for capturing small and medium-sized animals Animal catch pole

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It can also be used to capture small to medium-sized wild animals captured in box traps, as well as to protect and rescue dogs and cats. Even in trees, under buildings, rainwater drains, etc., you can use this animal catch pole to rescue.

[Target animals]
Small and medium-sized mammals Raccoon dog, badger, raccoon, dog, fox, palm civet, nutria, rabbit, etc.
*Not suitable for catching cats. We recommend using a net for cats.

how to use

Below, we will show you how to use it when catching a dog. Before using, please check if the product works smoothly. It is important that the wire loops are not broken and that they are gently curved.


Precautions for use

●Do not drag, pull, or lift the animal's body with a pole while the ring is wrapped around its neck. Also, be careful not to tighten the neck too tightly.

● When storing this product, if you store it upright, it will lead to deformation of the wire, so please keep it lying down.

● In addition, please do not add unreasonable imperfections to the product or try to control animals by using this product.

approach the dog

(1) Loosen the cable and approach the dog quietly while hiding it from the dog. Avoid holding a pole as it will frighten the dog.


(2) Use both hands to quickly pass the wire loop through the dog's head. Tighten the release cord with one hand until it fits around the dog's neck. Never take actions such as tying the neck or controlling the animal.

guide the dog

③Hold the pole with both hands a little longer, and after confirming that the lead is properly attached to the animal's neck, stand next to the dog and guide it forward. Dogs will try to lead when there is a leader in sight, but there are times when it is better to follow behind.

In the case of a raccoon dog

④ Guide the dog to the transport location while guiding the dog as it is. It is recommended to use a separate tilting table when guiding to a high position such as the bed of a truck.

In the case of wild animals such as raccoon dogs : Do not hang the loop only around the neck or body, but hang it over the head and one front leg like a sash.

Product specifications

重さ 約1kg
全長 1220mm

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