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Bear Repellent Bell TB-K1 Forest Bell

Bear Repellent Bell TB-K1 Forest Bell

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Bear bells (trekking bells) widely used outdoors

◯ You can easily mute the sound when you don't need it, and when you need it, the sound is loud and the tone is good.

◯ You can turn the sound ON/OFF simply by pulling the "bear avoidance bell" with one hand while it is hung on your backpack.

◯ It is a clear tone with a long aftertaste. (see video).

Click here for the big size with a loud volume.

Product specifications

重さ 約63g(カラビナ含む)
生産国 日本製
サイズ 全長/70mm(カラビナ含まず)、ワン直径/φ35mm
素材 プラスチック/ナイロン、ワン/真鍮、振り玉/真鍮、ワイヤー、丸カン/ステンレス、カラビナ/アルミニウム
メーカー 株式会社東京ベル製作所


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