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★Precautions regarding product handling <br>This product is an outdoor knife, not an anti-personnel weapon. Please use it as a knife for processing after capture, rowing and cooking, and never use it as an anti-personnel weapon.

This product is suitable for stabbing animals captured with box traps and tying traps. We have a wide range of products that realize strong blades that do not break or bend. To the product list>>


Fukuronagasa is the product of generations of Seigo Nishine's originality and ingenuity based on tradition. It is capable of crushing the head of a beast with a single blow, and boasts a marked difference in quality from cheap mass-produced products.


The blade and handle are integrally molded. Instead of welding the handle, the base metal is reddish as an integral part of the blade, and a craftsman hand-hammers it one by one with a special anvil and a single hammer.

The hollow handle can be made into a spear by inserting a straight long wooden stick sold at home centers.

When you first start using it, you may feel that the blade does not hold up well, but as you sharpen and use it and sharpen it again and again, the true blade will appear. The feel of sharpening will also change, resulting in a supple and surprisingly sharp blade.

The length of the straw nagasa suitable for stabbing

7 inches Blade length: about 210 mm, total length: about 360 mm
8 sun Blade length: Approx. 240mm Total length: Approx. 380mm
9 sun 5 minutes Blade length: about 280 mm, total length: about 450 mm
*A sheath with a strap is included. Click here for other size Fukuronagasa

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