Deer kohl hunting that I want to try once. Introduction to the deer flute

鹿のコール猟 鹿笛
Cole hunting is a hunting method in which a special flute is used to imitate the sounds of birds and beasts to lure them in and shoot them.
Deer kohl hunting is famous, but there are also flutes for attracting crows and ducks.

In the case of deer, basically this is a hunting method that can only be done in the autumn when they are in heat.
In this article, I will try to explain deer kohl hunting and deer whistling.

deer cry

Deer make a variety of calls depending on the situation, and cole hunters use deer whistles to imitate the courtship calls of male deer (ratting calls).

During the breeding season, male deer form a harem with several female deer.
When males in this state hear other males calling females on their territories, they will approach the voices in an attempt to eliminate them.
Call hunting is to lure and shoot male deer using this habit.

What is the courtship call of a male deer?
First of all, please watch the video below.
A howl-like bark of a dog gradually rises to a high pitch for a while, and then suddenly drops to a low pitch.

In addition, when it senses danger, it emits a high-pitched, short, whistle-like cry.
It is a sound that you often hear when walking in hunting grounds targeting deer, so I think many people are familiar with it.
It may be repeated many times to try to inform the companion.

The sound of the deer flute

Various styles of deer flute are sold in Japan, but there is no one specifically for sika deer.
Even if you try to play it properly, it won't sound like the deer's cry mentioned above, so some practice is required.

By the way, there is a slight difference in the cry between the sika deer and overseas deer such as elk.
Animals with large bodies also have a large larynx, which is the vocal organ, and tend to have a long vocal tract, which is the path through which voices are transmitted. It doesn't suit its big body, and it raises a high-pitched screech.

Recommended deer flute

The classic Carlton's deer whistle is favored by many hunters.

You can change the sound quality by shifting the position of the rubber.
There are also two types, one for long range (loud sound over a long distance) and one for short range (soft sound).

Hold the thin white reed in your mouth and press the tip of the green band with your lips to blow.
It takes practice to get close to the realistic chirping, but be careful where you blow, as the long range will make a particularly loud sound.

how to hunt cole

Deer become alert when they perceive humans entering their territory.
Therefore, even if you blow the deer whistle at random, you cannot easily lure it.
Also, if there are a lot of people, the deer will immediately sense the presence of people and won't come closer.

First of all, we start by looking for traces of deer.
Wherever the male deer are, there are traces of antlers sharpening. Look for traces such as footprints in such places.

Also, as mentioned above, during the mating season male deer form a harem with several female deer. Therefore, when a flock is nearby, you can see one size larger footprint mixed in with many small footprints.
Such a place is a place where the probability of encountering a male deer by luring out is very high.
Read the walking streaks of the deer and plan your ambushes while imagining how to shoot accurately.
Coal hunting can be done effectively within two hours after sunrise. Or from 3:30 to 4:00 in the evening.

Once you find a spot that looks good, play the deer whistle one to three times and wait for a response for 10-15 minutes.
I waited patiently, taking care not to show any unnecessary signs. If there is no response, blow again.
If there is no response after waiting for about 5 minutes, you can assume that there are no males nearby.

On the other hand, if the deer yells back, try blowing it a couple more times.
When a deer approaches and you hear a threatening roar nearby, release the gun safety. When a deer shows up there, the flow is to shoot and kill it.

One thing you have to be careful about when it comes to kohl hunting equipment is winter clothes.
Basically, when hunting, you will be wading through the mountains and fields, so your body will warm up. However, in ambush hunting, such as cole hunting, the body is very cold because it does not move.
Once you've decided on your ambush location, dress as warmly as you can.


The breeding season for deer is from the end of September to the beginning of November, although there are slight differences depending on the region.
Therefore, if you are going to hunt koal, the best time to go is right after the hunting season. In areas where hunting season begins in November, the chances of a successful kohl hunt are very limited.
If you simply want to capture deer, it is more efficient to use traps, but the sense of accomplishment when kohl hunting succeeds is even more impressive.
How about using a deer whistle to try kohl hunting this season?
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