For box trap maintenance! Panels can be replaced one by one!


The biggest feature of the box traps for wild boars and deer that we sell is the outstanding strength that uses deformed reinforcing bars.

Wire mesh box traps, which are widely available on the market, are cheap because the material is cheap, but they are inferior to deformed reinforcing bars in terms of durability. Wire mesh is a grid-like net that is also used for park fences, etc., and is made by welding round steel with a diameter of about 3 to 6 mm. On the other hand, our box trap is a deformed reinforcing bar with a diameter of about 9 mm, which is also used for concrete foundations at construction sites.

In the case of box traps, the shear strength of the net part is important, and the shear strength is proportional to the diameter of the steel materials that make up the trap. Therefore, for example, comparing a 6mm diameter with a 9mm diameter, the 9mm diameter is about 1.5 times stronger.

Wild boars have high physical abilities, and can easily destroy thin wire mesh if they feel like it. Wild boars caught in box traps are desperate because their lives are at stake.

Considering this point, box traps made of wire mesh are often reinforced with reinforcing bars at key points and devised to reduce impact, but some of them have a structure other than the door. There is also a box trap that is made almost entirely of wire mesh and is sold with a low price on the front, so be careful.

Our box traps for wild boars and deer have welded grids at all points to make them more durable. In addition, it has a mechanism to prevent the trapped prey from lifting the door from inside the box trap.

Inohoi box traps can be purchased in single panel units.

When it comes to large wild boars weighing over 100kg, even strong box traps may be deformed or damaged by the impact of prey rampaging or rushing. To accommodate these unforeseen circumstances, Inohoi sells replacement panels.

Panels that make up a box trap can be purchased in units of one. Until now, even if a box trap was partially damaged, it was necessary to purchase the entire set, but if you use the replacement panel, you only need to purchase one piece at a time, so maintenance costs can be reduced. .

Since the labor required for removal and assembly can also be reduced, continuous capture activities can be carried out. If you are interested, please check the details from this page .

There are 3 types of suitable box traps

The replacement panel can be used with 3 types of the "Fare Asahi Box Box Trap" series handled by Inohoi.

Fare Asahishiki box trap big size [single door]

The size is 1.0m wide x 1.0m high x 2.0m deep so that even large prey can be captured. The single door type requires only one kick string for the device, so installation is less troublesome. In addition, since the back side of the trap is completely closed and the escape route is limited, the risk of escaping can be reduced. It also has the advantage of being cheaper than double doors.

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Fare Asahi Shiki Box Trap Big Size [Double Door]

The advantage of the double-door type box trap is that there are no obstacles in front of the prey to block it. Wild birds and beasts are very cautious, and there are cases where they can't get inside if the front is blocked. On the other hand, both doors are open in front of the field of vision, making it easier to attract wary targets.

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Fare Asahi Shiki Box Trap Medium Size [Single Door] Deep Type

The size is 0.8m wide x 0.8m high x 1.8m deep which is one size smaller than the big size. The weight is also 30 kg lighter, and it is possible to reduce the labor for transportation and installation while maintaining the robustness of the same series.

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